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Due to the specifics of my activities on the Internet, I had to promote not one thousand low competitive (NK, not to be confused with LF) and not one thousand average competitive (SK) requests. As a result, I can consider myself an experienced specialist in the promotion of NC and SC. Those I promoted can confirm this. Also, I think, there will be no doubt among the readers of my marathons, which are just aimed at capturing micronish.

But in the promotion of VK requests, I can not boast of great merit. No, of course I had to advance quite successfully, but the number of such requests only a little over a dozen. That is why it was decided to attract the author of SEO blog to this article (and in the case of readers of our blogs and a series of articles). Money. More than once I came across the results of his work and his satisfied customers ... what is there to conceal, and I myself ordered a promotion from him a couple of times when I didn’t have enough time or knowledge to advance under the Runet. Also, I can’t consider myself a master at promotion under Yandex, while Simple works with it all the time.

With the introduction finished, now let's talk about the expediency of using reference aggregators and why our choice fell on Rookee.

In the process of promoting a client or your site, there is not a small amount of work that needs to be done either manually (which is not an option at all) or the process is automated. Such work includes: selecting anchors, writing a near-reference text, checking donor sites for compliance with a certain level of quality (PageRank, TIC, indexing, site age, selling age, ...), placing links in certain portions, checking indexing links, whether pages from the index, whether the donor site has become spammed and stopped giving the desired effect for promotion, and many other routines.

In case the number of your customers, and therefore the turnovers, is quite impressive, then it is best to rent a dedicated server more powerful with an unlimited wide channel and constantly update the base of proxy servers. After that, order the development of a software package that can automate all this. Such a complex cost me a little more than $ 2k, taking into account the improvements (i.e. not so much).

But if you are just a novice optimizer or simply increase the traffic for your ultraconvertible projects, it is more convenient to use reference aggregators.

Rookee offers the largest and most convenient tool for the optimizer. Unlike other aggregators, it gives more control over the process. This is such a balance between manual work through glanders and almost complete automation from other aggregators.

With the justification of the choice it seems to be finished, now let's talk about the process of promoting the websites of the clients.

To begin with, I would say that in no case should you “plug in” the entire budget into purchasing links through exchanges or aggregators. If this can be done by Google, then Yandex doesn’t take such actions very well.

In the first month of working on the site, it’s better to allocate the budget like this: 30% for rental links and 70% for eternal links.Eternal links: articles in Miralinks and guards / notes in GogetLinks (there are practically no alternatives).

Second month 50 to 50, and so on up to 80 to 20.

This scheme is ideal for young sites and sites without a significant reference. oh mass. If the site is already aged and has managed to save up the reference mass, then in principle it can be limited to the aggregator, since the natural backups are already put in. But here you need to look at each case separately.

be a promotion strategy?

Many will say that the answer to this question is constantly changing due to the fairly frequent change of Yandex search algorithms, but in fact the same Yandex rarely introduces any new parameters that are significantly change the issue (the last one I felt on myself was increased si number of regions). In most cases, everything ends with a small change in the coefficients near each parameter.

As a result of several years of experience, 3 strategies were ported into the Rookee system: one for advancing NK queries; the second for the UK; and the third VC, in agreement with Simpl, will be presented on his blog in the near future, along with a guide on purchasing perpetual links, thoughts on the topic: why it’s not worth building up tic through Ruki and why Zonk’s strategy is bad.

A couple of words on the account use of the wite lists in the Hands. As a result of their tests on a limited sample of client sites, no budget savings were noticed. But if you have little experience in promotion, their use can help.

After registering with Rookee, click on the links below:

The strategy for promoting NK requests is still free, with no extra charges. Then it can will be paid, and maybe it will remain free. Not yet decided.

Strategy of promotion of SK-requests - with a margin of 5%.

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