The app for earnings from Foap

Photobanks and photo stocks are becoming more accessible and hundreds of thousands of ordinary people have already started using them for a living.

Large companies, website owners, marketers need high-quality images, they are willing to pay for them, just to find anything suitable Help them and make a profit.

Selling photos from your phone to is a great option for those who have a high-quality camera and have talent.

With one simple application, you can download and sell hundreds of photos, but only high-quality images are accepted. Each file is moderated and only if the administration likes it, it will be added to the sale.

The app for earnings from Foap

Earnings at Foap

The Foap project is a regular photo bank, but it appeared much later than its counterparts so there are not many users here.

However, time goes on, and the administration spends a lot of time for its promotion. As for earnings, everything is the same as in the Iconzoomer application, photos are added and sold under license.

Photo buyers are offered several tariff plans so that they can purchase images for loans:

The app for earnings from Foap

For each photo, they will have to pay about $ 10 (most often, buyers are foreigners , for them it is not so much money). The authors of the photos first get $ 3, and if they are active, they can expect to increase their rewards to $ 5.

All you need to do is install the extension and start uploading good photos.

To start making money, you have to go through verification, for this you must have an account in PayPal.

Moderators evaluate not only the quality of the photo, but also its content. If you try to sell something "gray" and not interesting, the picture will simply be rejected. Therefore it is necessary to show imagination and make really interesting photos. If there are no ideas, see what other users are loading.

Earnings application from Foap

It is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Download it, install and run it. You will be asked to go through the usual registration or log in through Facebook:

The app for earnings from Foap

After creating the profile, as we said, verification is required. Without it, you will not have rights to sell photos. Open the program menu and click on your profile, there you will see a special button "Verify":

The app for earnings from Foap

It is also worth filling out detailed information about yourself (I did it through the website). Being in any section of the application, in the center is the camera icon, click on it and upload photos (or make them), then you can see them in the manager:

The app for earnings from Foap

This section is important, as all uploaded images before sale require filling information.

You will need to come up with a name, as well as specify the tags, so that they are easier to find. When someone buys a photo, money will be credited to the balance, you can check it in the section " Your sales ":

The app for earnings from Foap

Project is foreign, therefore all calculations conducted through paypal. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language here, but this can be considered an advantage. In burzhunate much more entrepreneurs and generous people willing to pay decent money for photos.

The Foap application works properly and brings income to active users, it’s a pity that it is not translated into Russian. Although if you deal with the interface, then there are no problems, because the photos do not have an attachment to some language, and you can come up with tags through translators, as well as the name.

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