The aggregator affiliate program with info Adinfo. Earnings on information products

Information products for online business are being used more and more often, and you can earn money not only by creating and distributing your products.

There are lots of affiliate programs through which you can start selling someone else's products and get paid for it. But there is one problem - it is the search for lucrative offers.

You already have a platform, and you want to offer your visitors an information product (for example, a video course), but do not know where to find advantageous conditions? You do not need to register on different sites, you can find information products suitable for the subject, through the aggregator affiliate program with information products.

The aggregator affiliate program with info Adinfo. Earnings on information products

Affiliate Earnings on Infotypes

As in conventional affiliate program aggregators, various offers are offered on Adinfo . All of them involve the sale of information products on various topics. Traffic can be converted not only from their sites. The administration offers cooperation to arbitrazhnik and owners of Email newsletters.

Even without registration, you can evaluate the offers offered on Adinfo:

The aggregator affiliate program with info Adinfo. Earnings on information products

One of the products is represented on this image. The subject of losing weight will probably never lose relevance. Here it is proposed to search for buyers of a special technique, with a description in video and audio files.

The price of a product is 990 rubles, and webmasters receive 400 or 600 rubles, depending on the choice of the type of cooperation. This offer is ideal for women's sites, and most importantly, that traffic is received from different countries.

Why Adinfo?

There are many other partner networks with a wide variety of offers, so why choose this system?

  • 30-50% of the order amount is paid;
  • high-quality information products;
  • prepared landing pages for each offer;
  • payments are made several times a week;
  • detailed statistics;
  • responsive support service.

When connecting to the Adinfo network offers, you definitely do not have to worry about your reputation. The fact is that visitors of the sites, after buying the information product, can leave a negative review about you, because they found it through your resource. Here such situations are excluded, as each product is checked.

It was always profitable to sell information products, because their circulation never ends, and therefore, authors can set a large percentage of deductions for partners.

Pick up information products under the theme of your site and earn on sales of courses, e-books and other electronic products.

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