Thanks for commenting on WordPress

For beginners who want to create their own website, we strongly recommend using WordPress.

This is a quality engine, with which it is easy to learn how to manage sites, plus, many different ones have been developed for it plug-ins, so you can add almost any functionality.

For example, using extensions, you can remove broken links to WordPress, but they appear after a long website, so they come in handy for more experienced webmasters.

In this article we decided to tell you how to thank the commentator on WordPress? A useful feature with which you can even improve behavioral factors.

Thanks for commenting on WordPress

When does the user leave a comment? When already read the article, therefore, he can leave the site. With the help of the thank you page, you can delay it and even offer something. It is not difficult to do this, there are necessary plug-ins, but you need to act correctly so that there are no problems.

First of all, you need to create a thank-you page for a comment, which, besides the usual " Thank you ", you can place anything, starting with links to the best posts, ending with the newsletter subscription form.

In general, make out this page and add to your blog (as a regular post). After that install the plugin. It does not have a lot of settings, just set the page, to which the commentators will be sent:

Thanks for commenting on WordPress

This could be done, but the problem remains. A new entry will be displayed on the site, and it is not needed by anyone except commentators. It's not difficult to do this, first remove it from the menu, in new versions of WordPress this became possible:

Thanks for commenting on WordPress

If you have a site map installed via the Xml Sitemap Generator plugin, you can easily exclude the page and from the content:

Thanks for commenting on WordPress

By completing all these steps, you will create a hidden thank-you page, and visitors who leave the first comment will fall on it.

The WordPress control system does not just take the first place in popularity and it is for this engine that the most useful plug-ins are created.

Maybe the thanks page for a comment is not so important, but installing it is easy, and if this helps improve the PF , then why not take advantage of it? Moreover, search engines now give this factor a serious meaning.

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