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And why it has become so customized that content exchanges are primarily intended for buying at once a mass of articles at ridiculously low prices and from terrible to mediocre quality. And this is not bad - it is just a niche that they occupy.

But if you need really high-quality texts at very reasonable prices, if you are dealing with complex topics or just want to fill your projects with articles that users will share - sincerely I advise KingsOfContent. As I had the opportunity to verify personally.

What is KingsOfContent?

This is an agency in which if you are not satisfied with the text you receive, you will be refunded. If you find an error in the article, you will get double the cost per article. And this is This is a friendly team that is trained, and not self-taught, as in freelancing. Trained people on the most expensive training. Copywriting. Therefore, KingsOfContent occupies a leading position in the market of English-language content and translations - that is, precisely in those areas with which the stock market and the majority of freelancers are traditionally terrible.

About prices

Yes, by the way, everyone can afford texts at the agency. Since they write in different price ranges from the minimum 1.97 ye to 10 ye for 1000 characters. And it is very nice. Therefore, if you need powerful SDL texts, but not “fish” for formally filling the site, then the costs will pay off almost instantly. Well, if Dmitry Kot himself, a legend of Russian copywriting, wrote a laudatory comment about KingsOfContent, then they are probably still credible.

Chip KingsOfContent - English texts

We should also mention English content - freelancers who would be good copywriters and at the same time know English well, in the Russian segment Internet is not so easy to find. For the year of work, KingsOfContent gathered a very good team of just such performers, so today they can be called service number 1 in the plan of writing texts in English and translations, and this is not only about MFA sites, but also high-quality informative texts. I advise you to read about the benefits of English texts.

KingsOfContent Warranty


"KingsOfContent is memorable: up to 2 times less water, 57% more responsible, 100% money back, if not like the article and x2 return, if you find a mistake in the article. And we write only a little more expensive than the others "(found here)

A very, very bold statement. And I would like to check it. I am glad that people are very responsible They are ready to pay for their errors.

Of course, it’s not without its drawbacks, but all of them are a consequence or a side effect of the advantages, for example, it’s not always possible to keep within Edlyn for urgent projects - again, because the local NLL articles do not rivet as necessary, but are written thoughtfully, taking into account all customer requirements and thoroughly checking information for relevance and accuracy. KingsOfContent is so confident in the quality of its texts that they do not fear offering a 100% money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. So the requirements for SOM articles are very strict here - they defiantly made it so that they could sell the hack simply unprofitable.

If we are talking about dissatisfaction, I liked the inscription "Complain to the director". Usually, the support service stops at the content exchanges for a long time, and it’s almost impossible to get to any meaningful employees - here everyone can complain to the director without any preludes. Honestly, before this did not have to see, it is immediately clear that the quality of the content here is treated very, very carefully. Each article is given a rating, which then goes to the overall standings to its author.

Disadvantages KingsOfContent

Among other shortcomings, the chat works slightly less than the promised 24 hours a day, about sixteen hours, although there are no special problems with this. Sometimes I saw them in the chat and in the middle of the night, so you can almost always contact.

There is no possibility to independently choose authors - and, in general, I would not say that it is so particularly needed. If all the authors on the service have been selected for a long time, have been trained, the service staff know which one is better in which field, then it is better to entrust the choice to those who know from which one they choose.


What I can say in conclusion: if you urgently need to fill the site with three-kopek texts, even without assuming that someone will read them, you should be with KingsOfContent not on the way. Here, first of all, they write high-quality, informative articles for people who will attract attention and be remembered by visitors. They may occasionally even delay the deadlines - but as a result of the article they always turn out like candy.

And finally, the KingsOfContent promotional code with a discount - profithunter .

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