Testing free products - the best sites

The magic word freebie always attracted a lot of attention. With the advent of the Internet, it began to be used even more actively, including during marketing campaigns. Everyone knows that free distribution of goods always collects a large audience, and now they manage to participate without leaving home.

Free products for testing - how and where to get? Distributors by mail are engaged in the manufacturers themselves as part of the ongoing shares. There are two directions in this area - the receipt of goods for testing and evaluation, or simply placing an order for probes, before purchasing something.

Testing free products - the best sites

Testing products, who pays for it?

In regular stores, we constantly observe various promotions. Almost for free we are ready to hand over every little thing. All this is done to attract attention to the brand and create a loyal customer base. Through the Internet to distribute products even more convenient, and the costs of this relate to advertising.

Owners of popular sites (in particular, YouTube channels) often receive offers from advertisers who are ready to send them goods absolutely free. His review is added to the video, it turns out effective advertising for the target audience. But to create and launch a channel is not necessary at all.

First, you can register at special services that offer their services for testing goods. Secondly, the network is full of information sites that publish current distributions. Thus, it is even possible to order any probes directly from the manufacturer.

Testing free products - the best sites

How to get the goods for testing for free? conditionally they are divided into two groups. The first are services that collect a target audience and take offers to test products from manufacturers. The latter simply publish up-to-date information about available distributions.

If you use special services, the work will be much more difficult. First you need to fill out a profile questionnaire. Therefore, if you are going to fit the portrait of a potential client, they can offer something. Upon completion of testing the product will have to fill out a report (to share your opinion).

Note that in some cases you have to pay for the delivery of free goods from your pocket.

Ordering probes and every little thing directly is easier. You receive the goods directly from the manufacturer, no need to wait for invitations. But usually, any probes of shampoos, medicines, coffee, etc. are distributed:

Testing free products - the best sites

The cost price of such products is so small that you need to think about whether to spend time on the order. Plus, often there is a freebie on foreign sites, where the language barrier appears.

The best sites where you can get the goods for testing

To participate in different distributions of freebies, you need to constantly monitor relevant data. Information is published on different sites, in addition, there are services that sell all sorts of probes. In some cases, ask to perform some elementary actions:

1. Products for testing are available for free at Probnik. Common crawl en

is a simple information project where new posts are constantly added about current promotions. Nahalyavu can get anything - bags, shampoos, books, photo albums and much more. Registration is not required, just go to the site and scroll through the tape:

Testing free products - the best sites

The description of the action publishes important conditions, there you can also see the comments of other users. Also here place data on ongoing promotions from well-known manufacturers.

2. Free items for points from Proberry. ru

the project is very different from the previous one, because here the goods are purchased, as in a regular online store. The range is wide, the prices are miserable, are presented in points that you get for registering, filling out a profile, connecting to social network accounts, attracting referrals and repost on your page:

Testing free products - the best sites

For example, registration is awarded 20 points, half is enough to order the three products shown in the image above. Points are awarded for posting reviews of the goods received. An interesting service, where more and published data on current promotions in large stores.

3. Testing products for free by mail from Woopworld. ru

The following service offers users to earn points, which can then be exchanged for different products or probes. Here, too, points are used that are awarded for participating in quizzes, watching videos, attracting friends, writing reviews and other actions:

Testing free products - the best sites

The most active users of the project more and become participants in interesting contests.So, among the participants were brushedOral-b PRO 500 toothbrushes, which at that time were sold in stores for 3,000 rubles. Earn points and wait for invitations to test free products.

Other product testing sites (Russia, Ukraine)

The more resources you use to search for free products, the better. If you are active, you just get tired of running to the post office for parcels. The projects presented above are the main platforms, in addition to them we also recommend:

  1. - you register on the site and fill in the questionnaire. Then you wait for invitations, you receive the goods and you write a review about it, points are given for it.
  2. - an information portal where the best offers with freebies, various promotions, contests, sample distribution and much more are collected.
  3. - in addition to real goods, you can find out about free mobile applications, computer games, discounts and various promotions.
  4. - new free products are constantly being added to the site, such as food, animal care products, baby products and much more.
  5. - you register, fill out a questionnaire and participate in testing free products. About them then you want to write reviews.
  6. - the site helps to find out about free giveaways, promotions with guaranteed prizes and discounts. Also there is a section "Give a gift."
  7. is an interesting informational site where they talk about everything that can be obtained for free (training courses, audio books, images, etc.).
  8. is another simple site where information about where and what can be obtained for free is added.
  9. - hunters for free will definitely be interested in this service, it helps in time to learn about all the ongoing actions in Russia.
  10. - the service accepts experts, offers to participate in testing free products, which then need to share their opinions.

Much less freebie is being heard now than 5-7 years ago. Then there were much more stocks and goods were much more interesting. About other resources you can learn from our article about freebies on the Internet. It is quite realistic to receive goods by mail, and it doesn’t matter where you are.

Testing free products - the best sites

Answers to frequently asked questions about testing free products

Freebie hunters on the Internet are becoming more and more. Beginners start ordering products for testing, but they have a lot of questions. Forums are filled up with messages, from which we have chosen the most interesting topics:

  1. Who needs to give away freebies?

Shops and manufacturers are interested in this. They get advertising and can gain a base of regular customers.

  1. Why are goods being tested?

Thus, product data is collected. Similarly, paid surveys that ask to fill out questionnaires also work.

  1. How long is the delivery?

It all depends on the delivery service, region of residence and location of the store. In some cases, offer to get free delivery.

  1. Do I have to leave feedback about the goods?

It depends on which order method you decide to use. You only need to share your opinion on the sites where you will be registered in order to receive invitations to test products.

  1. Do I have to pay for the delivery of freebies?

In some cases, they give out free merchandise, but in order to receive it, you have to pay for delivery. Such conditions are rare.

  1. How to order free goods on foreign websites?

Many distributions are made by foreign companies. If this is provided, then you can arrange delivery to your country (Russia or Ukraine). Fill out the forms in English, use the translator in the browser.

Perhaps you have some questions, ask them in the comments. In general, nothing complicated, but you have to spend time on placing orders and registration.

The transfer of goods for testing is usually performed only through intermediaries, and in their role are services where you must first register and fill out a profile. Therefore, we recommend that you do not limit yourself to just this, but also keep track of information about the distribution of freebies and receive free packages in a few simple steps.

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