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The client base of the most popular payment system in the countries of the former USSR, Webmoney is growing steadily.

More and more people understand that using electronic money opens up a lot of opportunities for them, but first you have to understand the functions and complex concepts inherent in this system.

We have compiled a glossary of terms especially for beginners. If you do not have an account yet, see how to register Webmoney.

Do everything according to the instructions and there will be no problems. Well, to take advantage of all the possibilities and quickly understand the functions, learn the basic concepts.

Terms of payment system Webmoney | Workion. ru

Terms of the WebMoney payment system

Even if you decide to read useful articles, for example, about withdrawing Webmoney to a VISA or MasterCard card may have problems.

Without understanding the basic concepts, you just can not figure out what is at stake. That is why we recommend that you study complex terms.

First of all I would like to say about the certification system. The certificate is an electronic document issued by the payment system on the basis of the data provided. After sending scans of the passport and TIN, a formal Webmoney certificate is received.

You can consider this as levels of verification, there is enough for the withdrawal of funds from such a document. If you decide to expand opportunities and limits, see how to get a personal passport.

A peculiar system of levels that opens up wide functionality for clients.

There are a lot of different types of certificates:

  • pseudonym certificate (without verified data);
  • formal (with passport check);
  • initial (given after checking the information);
  • personal (issued after the data has been verified by the registrar);
  • seller's certificate (useful for organizing payment acceptance);
  • Capitaller certificate (issued for registering a machine in Capiteller);
  • developer certificate (issued to developers using Webmoney technologies);
  • registrar certificate (the highest type of certificate with huge
  • WMT service certificate (useful for online entrepreneurs);
  • WMT guarantee certificate (needed to provide deposit and withdrawal of funds);
  • WMT operator certificate (received by users working in WebMoney).

Most of the certificates are optional and essentially remain personal. It can be said that these are only subspecies.

Terms of payment system Webmoney | Workion. ru

WebMoney Terminology

We figured it out, now let's select the basic concepts used in the payment system:

  • BL (business level) is an indicator of the activity of the movement of funds on the balance sheet.
  • Keeper is an account management platform. It can be different, if it is Keeper Mini, then control is carried out through the site. If Keeper WinPro, then this is a computer program.
  • WMC - title signs equivalent to a dollar, reflecting the amount of funds used.
  • WMD is a purse type that displays money issued for a loan.
  • WMG - a purse for title characters equivalent to the price of gold.
  • WMID - a unique number of your account in the system (not to be confused with the wallet number).
  • WMR, WMZ, WMU - symbols of electronic wallets for different national currencies. Inside the system, title signs equivalent to real currencies are used. For example, Z is dollars, R is rubles, U is hryvnias.
  • Advisor (Advisor) - Webmoney reviews system, where it is almost impossible to cheat them.
  • Arbitration - WebMoney department dealing with solving various problems (complaints are received there).
  • Certifier / Registrar - WebMoney user with the right to issue personal and initial certificates.
  • Verification - involves checking passport data (obtaining a certificate).
  • Guarantor - all operations within the system are carried out through the guarantor. This is done to improve security (try to exchange funds, they will come from the guarantor).
  • Personalizer - the owner of a personal certificate with the right to issue initial certificates.
  • Certificate - information about the client of the payment system and its public key.
  • Title signs - securities used by the payment system to perform operations. For convenience, their cost is equivalent to national currencies.
  • Key file - data required to enter the virtual wallet through the client.
  • The certification center is a branch of the WebMoney company, in which certification is conducted, and the control over the clients' documents is carried out.
  • Certificate Authority - a service that performs the issuance of certificates and public keys.

There are not so many complicated concepts, and the interface in the payment system is extremely simple, so you will figure it out quickly.

Terms of payment system Webmoney | Workion. ru

When you figure out using the payment system, be sure to find out how to make money Webmoney.This will help you replenish your wallet without getting anything from your real pocket.

Since 1998, Webmani has been providing its customers with a range of quality services. Be sure to evaluate it and understand all the functions. There are many of them here, they allow you to save time and effort.

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