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"Hey, Con! Here ... Take it." The old-timer of musical instruments gave Kon a case. In it lay his old trumpet. Con kept his gaze on it. His hands shook slightly and began to stretch in his pocket for money. Old-timer, as if insisting, continued: "You will need it ... Leave money to yourself. A good story is worth more than an old pipe. ”

These are phrases from the very touching drama “1900th.” Those who have thoughtfully watched this film know what experiences this story is saturated with.

And how much are you ready pay for a good story? Have you ever listened to someone’s story with an open mouth? Have you ever read the pages of your favorite book more than once? You can ask a lot of similar questions. And for all such questions there is an answer "Yes, it was ".

Good stories are written not only in books or in glossy magazines. Good stories are born right now and live with us. Each of you has a story. Let it be tragic, dramatic, funny, ordinary, etc. It is. So you have something to say. And there are people willing to pay for your story .

Tell your story and win $ 500 - Profit Hunter

A story about what?

Dear, moneymakers and money loot! An unusual competition was announced by the team clx . ru . The essence of the competition is simple:

Tell your success story to the world and win Tell your story and win $ 500 - Profit Hunter

The success story concerns success in the global network. For example, what is there to tell?

  • How did you earn your first dollar online?
  • How did it all begin?
  • What prevented you from achieving your goal ?
  • What have you achieved despite the obstacles?
  • ...

All stories will be posted on the forum clx . ru . Whose success stories will be and get the maximum number of views and the highest mark from the readers , will receive their well-deserved cash prize. The prize is not one.

Details on the contest page.

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