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Technical aspects of online business on Webew. ru - Profit Hunter Earnings on the Internet is not limited to marketing, optimization, PPC, search for backlinks and content creation. It is also necessary to understand such technical nuances as working with databases, spinning standard templates, setting up styles, scripts and plug-ins, etc.

I deliberately do not touch on this topic in the blog because I understand it very weak. The benefit of forums, sites and blogs dedicated to this is more than enough.

One of the sites that you should pay attention to when searching for information on CSS, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, etc. in the same spirit is the Webew portal. ru.

The materials presented on the site will certainly be of interest to both experienced and novice webmasters. Actually, here are some of the articles you should pay attention to.


  • CSS layouts: fixed, rubber, elastic.
  • 10 tips for improving the design of the site by non-designers.
  • Create a gradient in the text.


  • Processing a GET request in the URL string using PHP.
  • Features of conditional constructions with strings in PHP.
  • Number in words using PHP.


  • Setting up a remote connection to MySQL.
  • Caching queries in MySQL.
  • A log is a do-it-yourself internet statistics system.

There are also sections on JavaScript, XML, content management, protocols, and even Internet marketing (I would like to mention the article on the sandbox in Google and Yandex and the article on SMO and SMM separately).

The authors of the project constantly add thematic articles and other relevant information to the site, therefore, if the materials are from Webew. ru you are interested in, it will be logical to subscribe to the site's RSS feed.

By the way, if you have something to say to the readers of the portal, you can contact the project administrator and discuss the conditions for further cooperation.

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