Teaser network Visitweb. High-quality advertising on the Internet

Teaser ads attract both webmasters and advertisers, as this is one of the best ad block formats.

There are a lot of systems that offer monetization of websites and advertisements through teasers, but it’s not a hurry to choose. you need to find a high-quality service in which you can earn well and receive targeted traffic.

Teaser network meets all the criteria of high-quality advertising service. Both advertisers and webmasters can use it to make money on their websites.

This project appeared back in 2009, and during this time many sites with different themes were added to it and the number of advertisers is increasing every day.

Teaser network Visitweb. High-quality advertising on the Internet

One of the reasons why advertisers and site owners use this project is the ability to use different ad block formats.

The following options are available:

1. Normal block - installed in any area of ​​the site (there are vertical promotional materials).
2. Floating block - appears over the content and is located in the center of the page.
3. Messenger - simulates messages from popular projects (for example, Vkontakte).
4. Slider - a large block, the width of the entire page.

Advertisers can choose the best format for their advertising, and webmasters choose options in order for the advertisement to fit into the design of the resource.

Teaser network Visitweb. High-quality advertising on the Internet

Now consider all the advantages of the Visitweb teaser network for certain user groups.

Pros for advertisers:

  • different advertising formats;
  • multiple sites with different subjects;
  • payment for clicks;
  • advertising targeting by different parameters;
  • wide audience coverage (over a billion impressions per day);
  • detailed statistics;
  • money is returned if the site does not target traffic;
  • there are many payment methods;
  • when adding advertising, it is moderated quickly.

Pros for webmasters:

  • if for some reason the system does not work, webmasters receive compensation;
  • price for click is constantly changing and depends on the quality of traffic;
  • you can set advertising with a related topic;
  • there are various options and customization of advertising design to increase clickability;
  • daily payments (on Webmoney);
  • no minimum amount.

For what purpose would you not use the Visitweb system, you get many different benefits. Also, in addition, you can earn on attracting advertisers and webmasters.

The affiliate program is profitable, from the commission of the system 20% is charged for referrals of the first level and 6% of the second level of referrals. You can attract people not only from Russia, but also from CIS countries and Europe.

In general, the Visitweb teaser network is a high-quality advertising service that is good from all sides. If you have been looking for a quality system for advertising on the Internet, be sure to visit this project and enjoy the benefits of using it.

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