Teaser monetization of the site, network Teaser-goods

It is possible to monetize sites in various ways, through banners, context, selling links, attracting referrals or installing teasers. We will stop at the last option, and also consider an excellent service through which you can get teasers with a high CTR.

Teaser monetization of the site is possible through a large number of projects, one of which is Teaser-goods. ru. Many users have already been registered in this teaser network, despite the short period of existence. To start receiving money, it is enough to register, add a site and install the resulting code on your website.

Teaser monetization of the site, network Teaser-goods

Teaser-goods teaser network. ru

Talking about this service, I would like to draw your attention to the advantages of the system:

  • real and high-quality goods and services are advertised;
  • for beginners payment from 1 is set 5 rubles for transfer;
  • very high CTR of teasers;
  • convenient constructor, to change teasers;
  • payments are made every week;
  • minimum withdrawal amount only 15 rubles;
  • responsive support of webmasters;
  • detailed statistics;
  • stable income;
  • exclusively thematic advertising for each site.

The main part of sites that are monetized through this network are women's and entertainment resources, but besides this, you can add many other sites.

Naturally, certain requirements are set for sites:

  • Russian sites only;
  • at least 1000 visitors per day;
  • statistics must be provided (for example, Liveinternet);
  • there should not be prohibited information (including +18);
  • we can’t make money on clicks, game resources and dating sites;
  • it is imperative that 50% of the traffic be female.

Naturally, not many will agree to work with a payment of 1.5 rubles for the transfer, but this cost is set only for beginners.

If after 2-3 weeks of cooperation with this network, the moderators will observe your development and assess the quality of the site, then it is possible that you will be given a VIP rate, under which the minimum cost per click on the teaser 2. 4 rubles . Using this system for cheating is not recommended, the administration carefully monitors the quality of traffic.

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