Taxi Money 800 days: bonuses, draws, Mazda 800

There are not so many really good, interesting and profitable projects for making money on the Internet.

You have to go through a bunch of different sites before you find something worthwhile. They suggest that you abandon the method of trial and error, over the years of work in the network, I have identified for myself a really good investment resource.

800 days, bonuses and draws, as always, are distributed by the administration in honor of this significant date.

They arrange a real holiday for users at every event. Once again, an anniversary car was added, before there was nothing like this in this project.

Taxi Money 800 days: bonuses, draws, Mazda 800

New car and shares from Taxi Money

The developers of this project know how to surprise. They have already added many new features, even the new Enclave game from Taxi Money has appeared.

A little more than 2 years, the economic game has been developing, thousands of people honestly earn money and receive passive income from purchased cars.

To withdraw money from this project, you need payment points (rubles in the passenger account). One of the ways to get them is to fulfill orders in the city. They bring little, so a car appeared in honor of the significant date, increasing by 35% the value of orders:

Taxi Money 800 days: bonuses, draws, Mazda 800

You can buy a car only once and only during the promotion (until August 31) . The car not only helps to get more to the passenger account, but also guarantees participation in the drawing of 210,000 rubles.

Prizes 6, participants will receive from 5,000 to 100,000 rubles. Competition results will be published at the end of the summer.

In addition to participating in a serious raffle, all owners of the Mazda 800 participate in the daily competition. Every day at 21:00 one of the owners of such cars is charged 1000 rubles. Also, in honor of the holiday, the administration added new bonuses for replenishing the balance:

Taxi Money 800 days: bonuses, draws, Mazda 800

A new car can be obtained absolutely free of charge if you add more than 10,000 rubles to the game. Plus, you get 55% of the amount.

For example, if you deposit 20,000 rubles (you can use them to buy cars, open a company and other purposes), 31,000 rubles and a bonus car for 4,900 rubles will go to the balance. The total bonus of almost 16,000 rubles, this opportunity should not be missed.

Taxi Money developers often spoil their fans by giving out various gifts and adding new features. If you are not playing on this site, then now is the best time to create an account.

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