Target Search - Topic Number Two - Profit Hunter

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As the saying goes, said A, speak and B ... Despite the fact that you already have enough of NicheADay's key phrases alone, I want to share another source of tasty keywords so that you never have a question again, where to find them 🙂

But first I want to thank the author of the blog MNone. net for mentioning my Springbook Marathon on my resource. Thank you very much!

So today we’ll talk about the well-known (although I only found out about it a few days ago) a Google search for products.

Target Search - Topic Number Two - Profit Hunter

Right below the search form you will see a list of products that other surfers have just searched for (if you refresh the page, the results will be different). Here, for example:

Target Search - Topic Number Two - Profit Hunter

I knowingly selected the phrase maytag refrigerator . See what Google search and Google Trends tell us about this phrase:

Target Search - Topic Number Two - Profit Hunter

Target Search - Topic Number Two - Profit Hunter

And this is only for exact request. By general inquiry, the popularity of the phrase is twice higher (competitors - 218000).

Competition is present in Google AdWords. Also, these refrigerators are sold on Amazon for more than 2000 y. e. There is something to think about, is not it? And there are plenty of such phrases in Google’s “product search”.

I hope you’ll be puzzled now not about where to get good key phrases, but about where to find time to turn your finds into rustling notes 😉

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