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Since some readers are interested in the topic of where to get keywords for projects that are targeted for contextual advertising, I decided to share a couple of useful resources that will remove this headache from you once and for all.

But first, I would like to thank all the bloggers who wrote on their blogs about. pdf-version of the Spring Marathon. Now, as I promised, in each new post I will refer to one of you. And the first person I would like to thank is Danil, the author of the NilDesign blog. ru.

But back to our targets ... Today I will talk about the first source of profitable keywords. This is the site NicheADay. com. Rather, not even a site, but a newsletter to which you can subscribe to this site.

After you subscribe to the newsletter, you will begin to receive daily emails with an indication of one expensive keyword and the approximate cost of the bid for it and a weight of 1000 key phrases. Here are some of the niches:

Target Search - Topic Number Times - Profit Hunter

Target Search - Topic Number Times - Profit Hunter

Target Search - Topic Number Times - Profit Hunter

You should not pay attention to traffic data. The main thing here - a list of keywords that is attached to the letter.

Take this list, drive it in portions into the Gtrends Made Easy program (how to work with this program, I told here), sort the results and create blogs.

Even in such a niche as spyware quite interesting phrases come across:

Target Search - Topic Number Times - Profit Hunter

And remember that contextual advertising is only one of possible ways to monetize such sites.

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