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Today is Day 3 Warm-up. For original Ed Dale posts, see here and here.

Online business is impossible without effective tools. Today I will introduce you to one of them. This is Mozilla FireFox - the official browser of the Autumn Marathon. Download the distribution you can on the official website of Mozilla.

However, we don’t need a “naked” fox. In order to get some benefit from him, we have to dress them in special accessories, which I will talk about.

In principle, all accessories You can find FireLise here, but there are a lot of them, and we will need no more than 10-15 pieces. Here is a list of required clothes for your beast:

  • del. icio. us Bookmarks - provides access to bookmarks and allows you to bookmark sites you like;
  • FoxyTunes (optional) - allows you to control a media player directly from a browser;
  • ScribeFire - allows you to write messages your blog directly from the browser;
  • SearchStatus - shows the PageRank of the page and its position in the Alexa ranking;
  • Google Notebook - allows you to take notes while browsing websites (to work in Notepad you need to have an active Gmail account );
  • SEO for Firefox - SEO information in search engines Google and Yahoo! For Runet it is better to use SEO Quake;
  • Session Manager - a functional session manager, saves and restores the state of all windows;
  • StumbleUpon - StumbleUpon toolbar;
  • VideoDownloader - allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm and other sites;
  • IE Tab - allows you to open In ternet Explorer inside FireFox;
  • FireBug - allows you to edit, customize and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript directly in the browser.

Install the add-ons, restart FireFox and start working. Over time, you will become attached to them so that you can no longer do without them.

Warning: Do not install too many add-ons. This may cause the browser to work incorrectly.

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