T3Leads. com - total upgrade, total earnings - Profit Hunter

Hello everyone! There are some great news. They will be especially interesting for those who are familiar with the T3Leads affiliate program. com . The essence of the news is that in T3Leads. com passed the total repair and upgrade. First, emphasis was placed on usability , speed and increase promotional materials .

T3Leads. com - total upgrade, total earnings - Profit Hunter

From the first page, webmasters can see the difference in the speed of a site’s performance. Considering the site load with the constant presence of webmasters on the site - this is a weighty argument. At least the speed of the system saves time, protects our nerves and makes the work more comfortable.

What can be said about the internal content, i.e., about the webmaster’s personal account? Much attention was paid to the reports.

T3Leads. com - total upgrade, total earnings - Profit Hunter

The webmaster’s arsenal has reports :

  • Summary Report - reflects the summary report on leads, returns and bonuses. The report is formed by date.
  • Leads - the report, in fact, on the lead. This is a report on sales from all your company.
  • Traffic - statistics on the sites from which the lead was generated (client's referral link), client IP and other data.
  • Returns - returns of buyers.
  • Subaccaounts - tracking sub-accounts for this affiliate account. This allows sharing of site statistics for each individual sub-account.
  • States - t3leads shows traffic statistics for a particular state or state. This allows you to quickly respond and optimize advertising campaigns.
  • Cities - report on cities. You will know in which city your services are more popular and where demand is more.

Improvements also did not go around and engines . Previously, webmasters had to either use an IFrame to reflect feeds, or make the forms themselves. To tell the truth, those webmasters should pay tribute to patience and diligence. Now they and everyone who starts working with the affiliate program will insert feeds through the JavaScript Form . It is also possible to use WEB Proxy , which the webmaster can put on the site. Thus, all resources will be uploaded through this proxy.

Continuing. T3Leads. com provides a large number of ready-made sites: on loans, on car insurance, on houses, on life, on real estate, and on ... Look at least at a few of them ( link images, clickable ) :

Moving on? It should be noted that the partner sites are built on its own T3Leads CMS . This is especially useful if you decide to create your own website without resorting to affiliate templates. To install the engine and its settings there is a whole manual that you will find in the webmaster’s personal account in the Feed Installation Steps (CMS) section. In this section there is a manual with screenshots and by the CMS itself. For beginners, everything is painted and shown.

What to do with traffic? After all, affiliate sites need traffic. I think I should mention the marathon from Ed Dale, which is taking place now on this blog, which explains from scratch how to create your own business in the burzhuneta. How to search and find keywords, explore niches, create content, advertisements, analyze traffic, etc. This is an excellent tool for learning from beginner to professional.

Therefore, keep an affiliate program T3Leads on the pulse. com , connect and start making money. Everything is ready for total profit.

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