System for binary options MONEY FLOW

It happens that the most sophisticated trading systems only complicate trading and do not make good money, and, on the contrary, are the most simple and profitable ones.

My fairly simple system gives me excellent earnings in binary options trading, and brings me to one trading week approximately 50% of my deposit growth.

The trading algorithm for the system is quite simple: we take a normal binary options broker plus the Meta Trader 4 platform, to analyze assets and quotes. I chose a broker for such a business, but the MT4 platform can be downloaded.

System for binary options MONEY FLOW

MONEY FLOW system manual

After you have installed the platform on your PC, upload my template and indicators.

To do this, simply copy the folders from my archive to the main directory of the MT4 platform, which is located on your computer on drive "C" in the Programs Files folder.

After that, you need to reload Meta Trader 4 and find the "TEMPLATES" button in the terminal interface, where you can select the " MONEY FLOW " template. And your chart looks like this:

System for binary options MONEY FLOW

After that, for convenience, we put the MT4 terminal and the platform for binary options trading next to it. Well, we start trading:

System for binary options MONEY FLOW

We conclude transactions UP:

  1. We can see the emerging cloud (where the movings are intersected) in blue.
  2. Next we see the white line (moving average), which went up beyond the limits of the blue cloud of movings.
  3. When this signal occurs, open a trade UP at the opening of a new candle:
    System for binary options MONEY FLOW

Conclude transactions DOWN:

  1. We are waiting for a cloud to appear (the intersection of the movings) in red
  2. We see the white line (moving average) go down beyond the limits of the red cloud of movings
  3. When this the signal will arise - we open a DOWN deal at the opening of a new candle:
    System for binary options MONEY FLOW

The main feature is that thanks to the so-called "clouds" (the the shaded area where the two movings intersect), we can always see the presence with arshego trend, and therefore we do not deal in Let us shift against the main direction of prices, which makes my system's level of profitability is much higher.

Such is a simple trading system, but look at its potential! I repeat that with the help of this TS I increase my deposit weekly by 50%. The only obstacle you may be your broker.

Before, I often had problems with brokers, especially because of the "curves" of quotations, and until I found the company Binomo, I could not earn.

I used to work by arranging 2 platforms side by side: MT4 and the binary options broker platform to compare the charts of quotations with each other at two terminals at once. I was pleased when I discovered that it was Binomo that provided the most accurate quotes.

It is important to understand that if you trade with this system from another broker, you may not be able to do anything, because if the quotations are inaccurate, the trading signals will differ from the real situation, in the market with your broker.

Money Management

Again, let me remind you that when concluding transactions, you should use no more than 2% of your deposit. By the way, my Binomo deposit size is only $ 10, moreover, the minimum transaction is $ 1. This is how, without investing anything, you can start earning money using my system.

Options and Expiration Duration

I personally prefer the usual binary options for trading. Now - if your schedule of quotations on MT4 is in the time interval of the candles, that is, the M5 timeframe, then trading binary options requires choosing an expiration time of 30 minutes.

And if you choose the M15 timeframe, then we take an expiration time of 2 hours. If you use the H1 timeframe, you take an expiration time of 6 hours, and if the H4 timeframe is 12 hours.

However, by choosing the MT4 platform, you can analyze and select the most optimal expiration dates for yourself. Since for different assets there may be different expiration times. In general, everything is clear.

I told you about my system and about a normal broker, which, by the way, I have already withdrawn from the account about 4 thousand USD. So act - you will succeed!

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