Synopsis - how to write, example, the rules of drafting

All moneymakers, whose activities are somehow connected with the texts, need to understand the format of articles.

There are a lot of them and one of the variations is synopsis. The word began to be used in ancient Greece. So called the short and most informative description of an object.

Synopsis - how to write and what is it? Now the meaning of this term has not changed. Texts are also needed for a descriptive description of something, most often they are used to represent the storyline. In order not to have to fully study the meaning, it is enclosed in frames.

Synopsis - how to write, example, the rules of drafting

Synopsis of a film, book, series, script

For each object, the synopsis is in a different form. It is made even for articles that are sold through copywriting exchanges (short description). It is necessary to convey to the potential buyer what exactly the text, the main idea, terms and lines of thought are about.

Similarly, synopsises are made in other areas. For example, when you offer your script, directors require you to send a brief summary of the essence. They simply do not have time to study the "masterpieces" of each author. Similarly, there are publishers interested in finding talented writers.

What is the difference between synopsis and annotation? By the fact that it reveals the full essence. For example, if this is a description of a movie, then it is necessary to leave some kind of riddle in it, to interest the viewer (the reader of the book).

In the synopsis, you will have to paint everything, including opening the ending, so that after reading the brief content, everything is clear.

It is difficult to write and publish a book without publishing, and having made a synopsis, you can send suggestions to different companies.

It is easy to find information on the Internet on how to make a synopsis. In essence, this is a brief narrative of the storyline.

There are several general rules for writing a synopsis:

  • text from a third person;
  • genre designation;
  • being written in the present tense;
  • only the main characters are indicated;
  • disclosure of the final;
  • include quotes of the characters;
  • minimum plot details;
  • no more than 2 pages.

It is unlikely that you will be able to order the writing of a synopsis, it is advisable to do this work yourself. Only the author knows his script, film or plot of the book thoroughly. In addition, you have to take risks and show work before it is published.

Synopsis, an example of the film

It is much easier to explain how this format of an article is composed of a specific example. Our synopsis sample will be presented in the most concise format, you can make your more extensive.

The material on the film "Lucy" was compiled, which was recently screened in cinemas:

Synopsis - how to write, example, the rules of drafting

Action movie genre fiction. The picture begins with a dialogue between two characters who cannot decide to take the case to an important person. The main character (Scarlett Johanson) takes the suitcase to the Chinese mafia, and he sews a new synthetic drug into her stomach for transportation to another country.

A package with a drug is damaged and the heroine’s brain does not start working at 10%, as in theory. Over time, her capabilities develop, and she learns to control this force. Bad guys chase her throughout the entire movie, but they haven't succeeded.

Lucy is looking for the rest of the drug packs; in order to push the boundaries of the brain, she succeeds. She communicates with the scientist, he helps her to understand what is happening.

At the end of the film, the heroine decides to create a computer with the largest amount of information, among which there is new data for humanity. Having sacrificed herself, she creates a carrier of memory, he finds himself in the hands of scientists.

This synopsis is far from ideal , but it took quite a bit of time to write it. An example was created to ensure that beginners understand what such material might look like. Similarly, the text is created for the book, stories, works.

If you decide to send a script synopsis to a publisher, look for examples on official websites. Companies have their own requirements for the preparation of short content.

You can create a short synopsis in a few minutes, is it worth spending more time? Only if the document is used for serious purposes. Article for sale does not require serious attention, but contacting the publisher should be perfect.

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