Survey Raymoney for earnings

Professionals wonder why not everyone works on the Internet, or at least does not earn money.

There are many different ways to make a profit in the network, there are simple methods that are suitable even for beginners. With click sponsors, a user at any age and with any level of knowledge will be able to earn exactly.

There are a lot of quality books, we told about them in the article about the best mailers. Despite the clear leaders in this niche, new SARs appear, but not all of them are of high quality.

We decided to write a mailer review, as it is a worthy competitor to other clique sponsors.

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Registration with Raymoney

They launched the project in the summer of 2016, it’s still young and there’s little work but the picture is gradually changing. Like any similar service, RayMoney offers earnings on surfing, tests, tasks and the affiliate program .

Anyone can go through the usual registration, to start using it:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Immediately after registration, log in to your account and enter the activation code which is sent by email.

Simple earnings for Raymoney

After that, access to earnings sections is opened. As already mentioned, here are the classic ways for mailers:

Survey Raymoney for earnings
  1. Surfing sites.

The easiest way to browse sites is in surfing, but this is not profitable enough (on average, they pay 2 kopecks per visit to a resource). Difficulties should not arise even among beginners, the easiest way. After switching to the earnings section, a list of sites appears:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

On the left, you can see how much money is paid for the visit, and it also shows how many seconds you need to spend on the page. You don’t need to count them yourself; in the upper part of the browser window the timer is shown:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

When it ends, the user only needs to select the number from the image (captcha). Money is credited immediately, on the site that you visited appears the mark "Site viewed", choose other sites.

  1. Test section.

Pay about 10 kopeks for passing tests, is also not very profitable. In addition, they take more time. The tests do not check the knowledge of users, and offer to go to the advertiser's site and find answers to the questions asked. In the tests section you will find the same list:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Also on the left is the reward for passing the test. After opening it, you will see a small description and a button for switching to a third-party resource. There you need to find answers to the questions:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Nothing complicated, but these are not just visits, you have to spend more time here. Some advertisers are still forced to watch a video or download something while passing the test.

  1. Paid tasks.

Than messing around for a long time with tests or getting a few kopecks for surfing, it is better to complete the tasks, there is much higher pay:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

It’s not hard to fulfill orders, when you decide what you are ready to do (registration, clicks, group entry), you need to open a task and see detailed requirements. Advertisers in a free form describe the conditions of the work performed:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

In this simple example, it is proposed to register, you will definitely cope with this. After execution, you must send a login.

From an advertising account, you can enjoy the excitement of a simple CBN game. Compete with real people, get wins on a balance from which you can withdraw money.

Raymoney Referral System

The Raymoney Affiliate Program supports 3 levels. Deductions depend on the activity, the higher the rating, the more interest is charged on expenses and incomes of attracted users:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

For each invited participant, 30 kopecks are paid to the advertiser's account and a simple account. Additional bonuses are distributed when achieving different success. For example, by collecting 100 referrals, you get 10 ratings and votes:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

For referrals, this site fits perfectly. First, the affiliate program conditions are profitable. Secondly, a little less than 10,000 participants are registered on the book now.

Many have not heard of Raymoney yet, so you can invite them to the system. If you do not want to wait long for the receipt of profit, just sell referrals on the stock exchange.

Withdrawing money with Raymoney

You earn money by selling referrals, receive interest on an affiliate program, or complete tasks, in any case you can withdraw money. The choice here is available only 2 ways this Webmoney and Payeer:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

The minimum you need to withdraw 1 ruble, the maximum amount depends on the rating. Before ordering a payment, you need to specify the number of wallets in your account.

The administration holds promotions for advertisers and referrers. Be active, get cash prizes.

While Raymoney cannot compete with more popular and advanced mailers, there are prerequisites for this.

The first users of such systems usually become TOP referrals, and sometimes they are also offered a moderator position. Register, it will not take much time, and the site will be useful for different purposes.

Raymoney Referral Exchange

There is a profitable affiliate program on the mailer, but in order to make a profit from it, you must wait until the referral earns decent money. Many users do not want to waste time and sell their referrals on a special exchange. There is a sense in this, but you need to know about the other side of the coin.

Ref. The system on Raymoney is multi-level, so invited users can create passive income. Their referrals will also receive money, and it is almost impossible to predict who will actively invite new members. Now there are over 500 referrals on the stock exchange:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Some invest in the development of their own referral network. Spending money on active users is also possible, but you need to figure it out. Be sure to check reviews in your account, activity, referrals and seller wall. All the necessary information is provided to customers:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

You can try to build a network of referrals through the stock exchange, but you have to spend a lot of money for this. As an option, some are buying cheap newbies and hoping that one of them will be active. This approach also works, but there is a risk of wasting all your money in vain.

4 ways to recruit Raymoney referrals

You can make a click sponsor a passive source of income without an exchange. To recruit a large team in your network, various methods are used. Comments in social. networks and on blogs are of little use. To referrals come a lot, it is better to choose one of these methods:

  1. Tasks on other mailers.

RayMany has a lot of analogs, each of them is suitable for starting the task of attracting referrals. Books appeared relatively recently, so there are few registered users. Many already use this method, tasks on mail sponsors appear more and more often:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Pay advertisers put a minimum, so you can easily compete with them. It is important to indicate in the requirements that the performer is active. First, he can get involved in work. Secondly, it will be easier to sell it through the exchange.

  1. Cheap advertising.

A lot of inexpensive advertising is offered on the Internet. The cheapest options bring motivated traffic, i.e. people get paid for watching. It is this kind of audience that is needed to build ref. network on mailers. For real pennies, you can advertise your affiliate link through:

  • (1 dollar 1000 messages on Skype users);
  • (20 rubles for 1000 banner displays in the browser);
  • (50 rubles for 1000 unique banner views);
  • (many different advertisements, for $ 0. 7 you can attract 1000 visitors);
  • (advertising network, pay per click, amount set in auction mode).

There are many other services offering the cheapest advertising prices. By the way, you can order it on my website. The target audience of my blog is suitable, and at the top of the site is an advertising line. Click on it, you will see the prices and you can add your link to it in a couple of minutes.

  1. Video on YouTube.

Free way, it will take you to work once and then get the benefit for a long time. Videos on the most popular video hosting sites collect thousands of views, viewers can also become referrals. Just do not record one long video, it is better to create a series of videos with different themes. As practice shows, short videos look more.

  1. Forums.

On any sites where you can share your information, you can post referral links. The only "but" - you need to write high-quality, competent text, so that the moderators do not delete the record. Use the best SEO forums, they have sections on earnings on the Internet. Write instructions, reviews, secrets, chips, list ways to recruit referrals. In general, create an interesting material, then set it ref. link will not be removed.

Professionals know that the most profitable way to make money on any mailer is to create a referral network. A large team of active artists and advertisers provides a decent income and do not need to do anything for this. I myself also do this, I will share the statistics below.

Raymoney reviews about the site

When the site pays little, users have doubts about whether it is a divorce. Reviews Raymoney appear almost every day, because now the mailer is actively developing.Some users express a negative opinion, but it is rarely grounded.

Usually people complain about low profitability. Still, this is not a Forex broker to bring millions. Mailers are created specifically for beginners, the work on them is the easiest. There are more positive reviews, however, and this is not surprising, the project is honest:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Before I talk about a website, I use it myself. Buks Raymoney is not an exception, I already received payments from him several times. Money comes, payments do not delay, additional fees are not written off:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Surprisingly, while studying Raymoney reviews I noticed that some people consider the project a pyramid. Allegedly, it will close when the flow of money stops. This is not a pyramid, but a click sponsor. Here advertisers create tasks, performers perform them. The partnership program is created only for the interest of partners who advertise the project.

How much can you earn with Raymoney?

Anyone interested in this issue, I warn. Surfing and tests will never bring normal money. Beginners better concentrate on the execution of orders. Experienced users collect from tasks from 200 rubles per day. Again, note, the money is not big, work for beginners.

I myself use various mail sponsors, but I do not carry out tasks, but I build referral networks. This helps me blog, look at him people who are looking for remote work. I began to work with RayMoney not so long ago, so the rates are relatively low:

Survey Raymoney for earnings

Gradually, the number of referrals increases, and the total amount of earnings increases as well. Beginners should be engaged in the implementation of tasks, once I also earned it that way. In parallel with this, you need to increase the referral network, then there will be prospects for development.

Video earnings lesson with Raymoney

It’s not always convenient to study useful information on articles, some users need to show and tell exactly what needs to be done. Not everyone has a friend who will show where to click, what is better to do and how to order payments. In my video tutorial, everything is explained in detail:

The RayMoney Ru project really makes a profit, it is not a pyramid, the administration honestly pays money to users. There is no question about any freebie; to earn an income, you have to work a lot. Remember, the site was created for beginners, so nobody earns millions here.

Who needs to make money easily without investments and long training, the RayMoney postal sponsor will definitely come in handy. The number of available tasks is constantly increasing, something new appears on the site, such honest sites need to be used, and now you know everything about it and you can start working right now.

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