Surfearner - Go online and get paid

There are a lot of non-standard projects for making money on the web, so users have a wide choice.

Surely you know that site owners get money from advertising not only for clicks, but also for the views. Simply put, when you go to their site, you already bring them income.

Go online and get money from - a unique system that pays for viewing banners.

To make money, you install an extension in your browser that will show different ads on all sites, and you will be paid for it. You will be sitting on your favorite sites, and clicking on ads is not necessarily .

Surfearner - Go online and get paid

Easy money from Surfearner

When you sign up on the Surfearner website, you will receive links to download a special extension for all modern browsers. After its installation, you will visit the sites the same way as before, but at the top there will be a banner:

Surfearner - Go online and get paid

How much you can earn depends only on your activity. At the very beginning, do not expect a big profit; plain text in a banner brings you a penny per view, but this is only for beginners who do not have a rating. The more actively you use the system, the faster the rating grows, and it affects your income:

Surfearner - Go online and get paid

As you can see, the higher the rating, the more you get not only from the views, but also from referrals. Also pay attention to pay per view video. Almost 50 kopecks are paid per minute of the video, and you can find such tasks in your profile:

Surfearner - Go online and get paid

Now the project is actively gaining momentum, but there are not so many advertisers here. Therefore, there are not always available videos and a banner is not always displayed. If there are no banners available for viewing, the advertisement is simply hidden so as not to annoy the workers.

Sometimes when opening pages, a captcha appears. It must be entered to show that it is not a bot navigating through sites.

A banner that will appear after installing Surfearner cannot be hidden. It will be displayed from 30 to 60 seconds (depending on the order of the advertiser). Earned money is instantly transferred at the request of users to wallets:

  • Payeer;
  • Webmoney;
  • QIWI;
  • Yandex. Money.

If you doubt that this project can be profitable, take a look at the statistics by rating:

Surfearner - Go online and get paid

Here is a good example of how a couple of users for the month received almost 400 rubles . Yes, the money is not big, but practically the same amount of mining brings with the average power of the video card.

If you are actively using the Internet and browse through many pages every day, be sure to use Surfearner.

Banner in the browser can be annoying, but remember that due to this you get a profit, which is enough to pay for the Internet. Agree to get free Internet for one banner, this is a great offer.

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