Suppliers of goods from China, where to order Chinese goods?

Through the Internet, you can start doing business, and the choice of niches is quite diverse.

In one of our articles Earnings on supplies from China, we presented an excellent idea of ​​a profitable business that can be organized with the help of suppliers of inexpensive products from China.

In continuation of this article, we will introduce you to the 4 best suppliers of goods from China, with the help of which you will be able to arrange your business. Will you trade products in a small store, using sites with ads or auctions , it doesn’t matter, you must make a profit.

Suppliers of goods from China, where to order Chinese goods?

Where to order Chinese goods?

According to the statistics of requests in Yandex, as well as references in news feeds, the service is leading. On this site you can buy cell phones, tablets, clothes, jewelry and many other products. Payment can be made from cards of international banks, QIWI and Webmoney purses.

In second place is, about which we told in the article to spend Webmoney. Despite the fact that its name is less often used as a request, the popularity of this resource is simply off scale.

Suppliers of goods from China, where to order Chinese goods?

The range of products here is much wider, as well as the number of reviews, which allows you to choose the right product. If you order a large number of goods, you can get good discounts. In addition, this virtual store provides more payment methods.

The next major supplier from China is Kupinatao. com. The original online store, which constantly held all sorts of promotions and contests. There are more than 700 million goods in the assortment, delivery by mail, and practically any money is accepted for payment, from cash payments to the use of terminals.

The last major supplier to be sure to talk about is Shopotam. ru. This project has already collected more than 2. 7 million registrations, and a huge amount of positive feedback. In addition to products from China, you can purchase products from the USA, Germany and the UK. There are also many ways to pay.

If you don’t have enough of these suppliers or you don’t find the products you need, then you can use:

  • Come365. com;
  • Infokitai. ru;
  • Rutopbuy. com;
  • Kaakaadoo. ru;
  • Chinawebshop. ru;
  • Ebay. com.

Even if you do not manage to organize a business through the sale of Chinese goods, you will always know where you can make a profitable purchase, since on each of these sites you can find a lot of goods at a significantly reduced cost.

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