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* Guest Post by Natalia Voskoboinikova

Once I bought a gym membership. He started working in April instead of the promised discovery in February, there were not even half of the promised classes in the schedule ...

Reaching the administration and asking "What the fuck?" did not succeed in the course of the month: the recepshionists stubbornly did not miss calls. I googled the name of the gym. On the first few sites that I could leave comments, I turned to the site managers with all the questions ... A week later, I called the reception desk and asked me to send a message: "On the Internet, my nickname is such and such. I would be glad if you call back." They called back in five minutes ... As far as possible, smoothed over the conflict, sweetened the situation with a free pass to all yoga, Pilates and stretching classes ... And they asked not to write anything else on the Internet: "So we just opened, and after your negative feedback sales have fallen "...

What am I talking about?

1. Do not want a negative on the web - communicate with customers offline .

I interviewed acquaintances, customers, employees. 60% of them at least once wrote a negative review on the Internet. Of these, 95% (!) Wrote a negative review after they could not solve the situation "in real life" or simply get through to the "offender". Every single person who left his contacts for feedback, the problem was solved in a matter of days or hours after posting a review: exchanged low-quality goods, paid insurance, unblocked bank accounts ...

Remember: the common people - Your customers and visitors are too lazy to go on the Web and write nasty things about you, even if you annoy them nicely. Do not force them! Respond to calls, letters and appeals "in real".

2. Of course, each of us will find one unbearable customer who is unhappy with everything. This client will end PMS or have regular sex - and he will calm down, or else he will continue to carry the brain. But if he is not the only one who asks you to change something, listen and follow. All the same, you will fulfill all the requests of clients - sooner or later ... Or you will be bent. The only question is how long you will last and how many clients you will lose, choking in negative reviews.

By the way, the gym, which I wrote about, has now become almost exemplary. A lot of yoga appeared in the schedule, moreover in the convenient morning and evening. Training is not canceled. At the reception you can find information about replacements: if the coach leaves, I know who will teach instead. Receptionist "smile and wave". If suddenly the client starts to make trouble, a mega-client-oriented, stress-resistant and always calm, smiling senior administrator comes to him and everything is solved.

In fact, if all this was heard and done earlier, the gym would sell hundreds more tickets.

3. Do not try to "shut up" the authors of negative reviews. Even people who are annoyed are too lazy to write bad things on the Internet. A person who is happy with your service, and even more so will not look for information about you on the Internet, especially to read reviews and respond to them. Therefore, when the administration begins to protect its brand, it becomes well, very noticeable.

You can, of course, try to "push" the disgruntled:

  • write reviews in the style of the "fool himself"; Do not hesitate in expressions: the Internet knows examples when representatives of administrations sent clients in plain text;
  • You can make a poker interface and stupidly overlook a negative;
  • is even easier and cheaper - to entrust the secretary zabybit internet rave reviews. Most likely, they will be non-objective, such as: "Wow! It's cool here! I liked it," "Fool himself." And, most likely, they will look ridiculous. And site administrators will surely see that the reviews were sent from one IP address and deleted ...

An example of how it should be. Roman Khmil, ex-General Director of GlobalLogic, answered questions from potential employees at one of the IT sites. IT-employers for the past 10 years - the worst employers in the country. Programmers are in demand, and just a little spoiled. Yesterday's student wages below $ 2000 seem beggarly. Lobster in the office cafe is too small. An office 10 minutes from the metro is a marathon distance ... It’s not surprising that waves of negatives spill over employers, and they are not always deserved. Here is an example of decent work with negative reviews.

Sundress zapadlo, or How to become white and fluffy again - Profit Hunter

4. Mow on health!

Let's be frank: we all do "it" - we mess up. Well, there is no person who does something and at least occasionally does not mess up. So what to do if you still "lit up" in the black sheets?

  • Analyze why this happened. Objectively, is the problem in you or in a crazy client?
  • How many of them are crazy customers? Whole army? Most likely, the problem is in you.
  • Answer correctly. Even if someone on behalf of your company has already sent everyone up the ass and called them crazy. Write a lesson, thank you for the information, experience, publicly "spank" the guilty.
  • Spend real changes. If you do not solve the problem, then the negative reviews will only become more.
  • Write about innovations and improvements.

And now the "apieceofinformation", after which you never want to serve your customers efficiently the first time! Each dissatisfied customer, whose problem was solved, will tell about this to ten people. This is two times more advertising than from customers who are “satisfied from the first time”  (From Andy Sernowitz’s book “Sarahfun marketing”).

5. Urgent white fluffy help. What if you’ve taken all the measures, and Google "remembers" only the worst about you? What to do if competitors spammed the Internet with false information about you? What to do if you have stolen a camera and personal "nude" photos leaked to the Network? What to do if you need to act urgently?

"Urgent white and fluffy assistance for reputation" is a SERM service. You are developing content that needs to "replace" the negative. Or contact the content studio. “Negatives" can be:

  • news about you;
  • information on improving service and product quality;
  • not boring reports on outstanding events held by your company;
  • materials about your achievements;
  • positive feedback from happy customers ... Anything else.

SERM specialists will make positive information supplant negative information from the first search pages.

However, if you continue to ignore the wishes of customers, if your support service does not solve problems, then negative feedback will appear again and again. If you plan to crowd out negative reviews with positive ones, use only real reviews of real happy customers.

6. Who needs it?

"We have just spent $ 100,000 on a search engine ad. Our ad pops up next to the ads of three competitors - to the side of the results of a normal search. But the second and seventh links lead to the website of the angry customer and have the title “Your brand sucks” (from the same book, “Sarafan Marketing,” by Andy Sernovitz).

What do you do before buying a new laptop or contact an unfamiliar for the first time Online store? What do you do after the doctor diagnoses you and writes a scary prescription and soup? Ever expensive medicine? How do you choose a hotel, where will you stay during your holidays? Right - you are google reviews!

Google right now what they write about you, your company and employees. If you find negative reviews on the very first pages , now you are getting less orders and losing money.

Article author: Natalya Voskoboinikova, content studio WordFactory

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