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With the help of the Internet, many entrepreneurs are looking for clients, and in most cases they use contextual advertising.

You can order it in different services, but the effectiveness of such advertising depends not only on the chosen advertising network. First of all, the success of an advertising company depends on how well the ad is made.

Successful contextual ad rules are a list of factors affecting the effectiveness of advertising. Given these rules, the likelihood of attracting a large number of target customers increases dramatically, and without taking into account, you are wasting your budget. How to advertise in context? Now we will tell.

Successful contextual ad rules | Workion. ru

What kind of ad is needed for contextual advertising?

  1. Customer interests. Making the text for the announcement, first of all it is necessary to think about the problems of customers. None of the Internet users thinks whether to buy goods from you or not, he thinks whether it is worth spending money and solving his problem or delaying it. Therefore, a proposal for solving a potential client’s problem must be presented in your ad unit.
  2. Elimination of risks. Buying or ordering services through the Internet, many people worry for various reasons. Some fear that it is too expensive, some that it is a hoax, and some consider the product not to be of high quality. Your task is to eliminate all their doubts in a few words. For example, you can specify some information about the services, so that potential customers do not have to worry about “Free”, “Checked for viruses” and so on.
  3. Challenge of trust. Another factor affecting the perception of an ad. Every experienced advertiser is trying to earn trust, but this is not so easy. You need to get a potential client to believe that you are a “trusted” partner and you can be trusted. In this regard, branding plays an important role, and if no one else knows your company name, include a well-known brand associated with your business in the contextual ad.
  4. Call for action. No effective ad goes without a call to action. This rule is known even to novice advertisers. Your call should be clear and concise, the potential client should understand what to do. A phrase with a call can somehow be distinguished, but for no reason do not use capital letters, IT IS ANNOUNCED TO MANY PEOPLE.
  5. Subject of advertising. What is incomprehensible here, you need to choose a subject for advertising in accordance with the type of activity. For contextual advertising, Adwords and YAN are most often used, and when creating an ad, you need to select here which queries will be used to display ads. You can choose as many keywords as you like, but it’s better to use those with reduced competition.

Anyone can conduct an advertising campaign that attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of users, but for this it is necessary to take into account the rules presented in this article.

If you want to get the maximum effect from the use of contextual ads , do everything correctly and constantly analyze the indicators.

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