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Studying backlinks of competitors - Profit Hunter Whatever you do in terms of promoting and finding backlinks, your website will sooner or later end up with competitors who have an old and authoritative domain, or many times more backlinks, or both. Since the first advantage (domain) cannot be eliminated in any way, the second is even possible. At least it can be neutralized.

All you need to do is examine the link building strategies of competitors, then choose the best of them and build your own strategy on this.

In this regard, Ann Smarty with the Search Engine Journal suggests the following steps:

1. Find out which link building strategy your competitor applies in your niche .

To do this, enter in Yahoo! request linkdomain: site. com keyword .

Install the SEOQuake plugin. It allows you to sort the pages with backlinks to your competitor by authority: domain age, reference weight, and PR.

2. Check out the links to the internal pages of the competitor site.

Enter Yahoo! request linkdomain: site. com -site: site. com-link: http: // site. com-link: http: // www. site. com .

If you want to find links that are relevant to your niche, change the search query a little so that it looks like this: linkdomain: site. com -site: site. com-link: http: // site. com-link: http: // www. site. com keyword .

Again, use SEOQuake to find the fattest backlinks.

Aaron Wall (a well-known optimizer) recommends using internal backlink rates. In two words, this is the ratio of backlinks to the internal pages of the site to the total number of backlinks to the site.

(For my blog, this indicator is 722/2000 x 100% = 36.1% - note.)

The higher this indicator is, the better (the link building strategy looks more natural). However, since it all depends on the specific niche, Aaron advises to focus on the same indicator among competitors.

3. Look at the backlink anchors .

This useful tool will give you all the necessary information about the anchors of backlinks to your competitors' pages, such as:

  • the most popular link anchors (sorting by quantity);
  • PR pages;
  • link type (dofollow / nofollow);
  • total number of backlinks.

(The site itself is working, but I could not install the plug-in - it gives an error "Invalid installation package." Analysis of backlinks takes some time, so you have to wait for the service to process your request.)

To begin these steps, you will be more than enough.

And do not forget that backward link analysis is performed not only to find out what strategies competitors use in your niche, but also in order to find new link building techniques for all your projects. Learn from your competitor c! 🙂


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