Studybay - earnings in students

The Internet is full of various affiliate programs, where experienced users make good money.

Every year people become lazier, and students gradually stop learning, ordering work from professionals. This can and should be used, because the money in the niche is pretty good.

Attract students to earn a percentage of their orders. Money is paid not only for the first order, but also for the subsequent ones.

The percentage of deductions is higher here than on similar sites, and a lot of promotional materials are also offered. Conversion is great, but first things first.

Studybay - earnings in students

How to make money on students?

We have already shared the way we earn money on foreign students with Essayprofit.

Service StudiBay practically does not differ, here too it is necessary to involve students that they ordered various abstracts, control, degree and other works.

To find out how much you can make from this, let's use the average statistics.

The order is charged 40% -60% , and the average bill in the system is $ 125, therefore, it brings $ 75. Each client, on the average, orders 10 subsequent works, from them 10% -15% is credited, again taking into account the average bill, another 125 $ is received.

By adding up the sum, you can receive $ 200 from each client. Good conditions, given that some webmasters manage to achieve a conversion of 64%:

Studybay - earnings in students

Payments are from $ 10, they are available on Webmoney, PayPal and bank cards. There are no serious restrictions, traffic is received from any countries (English is better), and it can even be poured from social networks and forums.

Studybay Promotional Materials

High conversion is achieved due to several factors, including effective promotional materials. Added banners with different formats, animated, beautiful and attractive:

Studybay - earnings in students

Naturally, partners are provided with regular links and forms for sites. There is even a form for the mobile version, these are unique promo, which you will not find in any other affiliate program.

Landing also didn’t do:

Studybay - earnings in students

But this is not the most interesting. Unfortunately, the affiliate link Studybay does not accept the most quality advertising services (Adwords, Facebook). Therefore, it makes sense to create pages and try to get search traffic.

Especially for this, partners are offered a list of keywords:

Studybay - earnings in students

Nearly 20,000 keywords in a foreign language are provided to partners. Even if you do not know perfectly English, you can order the text from the translators on.

Although to get quality articles in a foreign language, it is better to use foreign exchanges, such as ELance.

Even if you don’t want to create a website, you can place English texts with your affiliate link on the forums. The option is not perfect, but it is much easier than developing a resource.

Not many will decide to invest something and use an affiliate program until they are convinced that the way is working. Especially for this, we add to the article statistics from Studybay:

Studybay - earnings in students

As you can see, the total number of orders in 2 weeks was 28, and the total income was $ 1789. Not a bad amount, but the number of conversions exceeds 6000 users. We'll have to sweat to collect such a target audience, and even in a foreign segment.

Good money on affiliate programs can be earned, but the option is not the easiest. It is best to create sites for certain types of traffic.

Even larger sums are spinning in the financial niche, and if you create a website on this topic, you can make good money by attracting borrowers to or traders on. Both affiliate programs are suitable for traffic arbitrage.

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