Strategy Two candles. Income from each transaction 70-92%

When analyzing the charts of quotations by experienced traders, it was found that the probability of closing a candle with an increase in value would be 70% if the previous candlestick closed similarly.

This is due to short-term or long-term inertia of trends. The change in value in any direction usually takes some time.

The application of knowledge of this pattern was reflected in my trading system, with which I increased my deposit by 2000% over the year. To use the system, you need to download indicators and a trading system template.

Strategy Two candles. Income from each transaction 70-92%

Description of the strategy - Two candles

When I close the candle up (bull), I buy an option to increase the value:

Strategy Two candles. Income from each transaction 70-92%

When closing a candle pointing down (bearish), I buy an option to reduce the cost:

Strategy Two candles. Income from each transaction 70-92%

If the candle goes to zero (candle -dodge), I buy an option, the opposite orientation of the candle preceding the candle-dodge:

Strategy Two candles. Income from each transaction 70-92%

Applicable expiration time

I analyze quotes using the MT4 program or resource, and I use the services of a broker to trade.

In its interface there are "Binary" and "Turbooptsiony". When analyzing quotes with a timeframe set using the M5 code, I trade turbo options, choosing an expiration time of 300 seconds. When analyzing quotes with the H1 timeframe, I trade Binary Options with an expiration time of 60 minutes.

Density of conclusion of transactions

The daily density of conclusion of transactions when working with one asset ranges from 24 to 288. Transactions are executed each time the candle is opened, because the forecast with a probability of 70% already done.

Receiving income from each transaction 70-92%, every day I earn significant sums. I mentioned earlier that, acting on this system, I effortlessly increased the trading deposit to 2000%.

Improved financial management

The profitability of the strategy and the stability in the forecasts make it possible to cover the losses of 30% of unsuccessful transactions and work in profit. However, there is a way to supplement the system and increase profits.

If the transaction closes at a loss, the probability of making a profit on the next transaction increases, which means that its size must be increased accordingly.

Acting on the principle of " negative result - also a result of ", you can achieve greater profits by compensating for losses due to transactions that are larger than normal.

In this case, the issue of saving a trade deposit with its small amount is relevant. Initially, you need to use small lot sizes so that, if necessary, you can increase the size of transactions 3-4 times in a row.

In exceptional cases (I had this situation once), it may be necessary to increase the lot size and in more transactions in a row. Due to the small size of the first deals and the increase in the size of subsequent ones, even this situation can be turned to advantage.

It was for such situations that I chose the brokerage company "", the smallest possible size of the transaction is only one dollar, and the smallest allowable deposit is ten dollars. Such sizes of transactions and deposits are feasible for most beginners.

Starting with $ 1 deals and faced with the need to increase the size of the deal, the novice trader, using the trading deposit reserves, will confidently increase them until he makes a profit.

Situations in which unprofitable transactions are concluded make up only 30%, and using the tactics of doubling the size of the transaction that follows the unprofitable one will make it possible to use even them.

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