Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

You should not come up with complex schemes for options trading strategies if they are inferior in efficiency to a simpler TS combined with productive principles of money management.

The trading strategy that I created ensures an increase in the deposit of 100–200% monthly.

Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

Preparing for trading on the system Simply and with taste

Quickly refuse from those companies that secretly wish their traders to fail. Before trading in profit, I worked with three other brokers.

Due to lack of experience, I registered with a broker whose minimum transaction was $ 20, and naturally wasted a deposit of $ 200, which did not contribute to the potential for growth at such a high minimum of the transaction.

The second broker did not accurately reflect the quotes, and the third one prevented the withdrawal of funds.

Receiving services from the company for more than a year, I discover only positive moments. Quotes are reflected clearly, and profits without problems are displayed within three hours.

To analyze quotes, a program and a template with a system indicator are required. The data of the indicator template should be laid in the analyzing program.

To do this, after installing MT4, you need to copy files from the Templates and Indicators folders to similar folders in its directory (the Indicators folder is located in the MQL4 folder).

After restarting the program, select the desired schedule and begin its analysis using the system template. To use it, find the program option " Templates " in the interface, select " Simple and tasteful ", and start analyzing and trading.

The applied template will make the graph look like this:

Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

UP, deals are made when the columns reach the overbought area and dye them green:

Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

DOWN deals are made when the columns exit the oversold zone and dye them red:

Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

closing the candle with the appeared signal and opening a new one.

When closing a transaction at a loss, based on the statistics of the system in question, we issue the following transaction with a value that exceeds the unprofitable cost twice.

The use of this tactic in the long term will surely cover losses and increase the level of income:

Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

Set an expiration time of 2-3 minutes, according to which we work with turbo options .

We arrange for the greatest convenience and efficient use of time of the MT4 program window and the broker's site near:

Strategy for turbo options - Simple and tasteful

Working in the proposed manner in this trading strategy, the broker will receive 100-200% profit per month.

It is also necessary to act according to simple, but important financial management rules. The initial transaction should be the minimum size - one dollar. Typically, the number of closed transactions per day reaches 30-40, which allows you to make a profit of more than 25 dollars.

Only by doubling the trading deposit, you can increase the size of the initial transaction. Within a few months, the daily profit will be $ 100, and in a year - at least $ 1,000.

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