Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

Despite the general ban on bookmakers in Russia, in order not to completely kill this trend, some companies were still granted licenses.

And this means that you can continue to use different betting techniques to win real money. Of course, they do not guarantee 100% profit, but reduce the risk of loss.

Betting strategies with minimal risk - you need not only to learn how to use them, but also to figure out, due to which you manage to get a plus.

In the future, this will help build your own tactics that will reduce the risks to zero . Yes, it is always impossible to win, however, it is quite realistic to make wins frequent.

Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

Can I make money on bookmaker bets?

Some users are sure that sports betting is a lottery. Someone is lucky, someone is not, so you can not call it a full-fledged salary.

Only they did not take into account that there are experienced betters who are able to correctly predict the outcome of the match, relying on various factors and applying clever strategies.

You can definitely earn money on bets, the main thing is not to treat this as entertainment. Sport should devote all their free time.

Examine teams, athletes, what factors affect the outcome of the match, and so on. Competent analysis and well-chosen tactics are the key to success.

Starting is always hard, especially since starting investments are required. Try to start without them, just build forecasts and check the results.

When more than half of your predictions come true, make deposits. Do not hurry, the first and main step is the choice of the bookmaker.

Where to apply sports betting strategies with minimal risk of losing?

There is no point in learning tactics if you choose a fraudulent BC. Now there are a lot of unpleasant situations, accounts are blocked for unknown reasons and the balance sheets are frozen.

To avoid having to deal with this, choose the best offices officially authorized in Russia:

  1. - one of the oldest companies in Russia, it has scattered many offices throughout the country. In addition to the usual sports betting, betting on politics, show business, and cyber competitions are open. For registration, you will receive a bonus of up to 1,500 rubles, and for making a deposit you can receive up to 25,000 rubles from above.
  2. is a licensed bookmaker with a long history. A wide line, a huge selection of bets, good odds. The organizers constantly carry out actions, now they are playing the last Iphone and car. New players for registration provided 4000 rubles. in the form of a bonus.

At the start, you will receive freebies from these companies and will be able to hold the first bets for free. Both BC connected to TsUPIS, the regulator monitors their activities. You will definitely need to register in it and verify your identity.

TsUPIS - monitors the integrity of bookmakers who have received a license in the Russian Federation. This organization maintains a special fund from which funds will be allocated for payments to customers if BC becomes a problem. Through them all financial transactions are carried out for increased transparency.

If you trust your money, then the best and most trusted offices. They may not have such generous bonuses and high odds as bookmakers can connect to via VPN.

But then you will not be exactly thrown, and even if something happens to the company, you will still get your money back.

Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

What are the strategies of betting on hockey, tennis and football?

Besides the fact that many tactics are designed for a particular sport, they can be divided in the direction. Some are developed for well-managed money management. Others are designed to build a correct forecast, with an emphasis on certain factors.

Conventionally, they can be called playful and economic. The former imply analysis and emphasis on the game, the latter are applied not only in bookmaker bets. To minimize the risk of loss, you will have to combine both of these types.

When a clear distribution plan is established, the standard rate is determined, there are some limitations, you will at least not become bankrupt in an instant. In this area it is very important, money must always be in circulation.

Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

The most popular betting strategy for risk reduction is Martingale

A simple example of an economic strategy for betting and other directions is Martingale. Every experienced better knows about this betting control technique. It is designed to cover losses by doubling the subsequent rates.

The most important thing is that the coefficient is from 2, otherwise the costs will not be covered.

First of all, for the application of technology, it is necessary to determine the minimum rate. Let it be 1/50 of your bank.

For example, you have a deposit of $ 50, which means we find an event with a factor above 2x and open a bet (you must be sure that your prediction is correct).

If the bet has not played, you need to look for the next event with a factor of 2 and multiply the amount by 2. That is, we set already $ 2.

Each subsequent loss will increase the amount of the bet 2 times (4, 8, 16, etc.). Sooner or later, you will have to win and then the win will pay for everything you have spent before.

For example, you bet 1, 2, 4 and 8 dollars and only after that won. In total, spent $ 15, and with a factor of 2x won over $ 16. Let it be in a small, but still in the black you always remain.

It is important to choose a small starting bet so that it is enough for its multiplication 5-10 times. What to do after the victory? You need to return to the initial rate.

Remember, the profit will be much higher if you can find events with high coefficients (from 3). Martingale is used in many other areas (for example, in gambling).

Strategy for risk-free bets - betting forks

In bookmaker offices, the algorithms and formulas for calculating coefficients are different. Sometimes it is possible to find such conditions when you can bet on all the outcomes of a match at once.

For example, in one BC, put money on a total greater than 5. 5, and in another on a total less than 5. 5. Under these conditions, you will in any case stay in the black:

Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

This is a simple example of a fork in hockey. No matter how the game ends, you will receive $ 1 profit at a total bet of $ 100. But this method has significant drawbacks. First, you have to register on the little-known BC. Secondly, everywhere to replenish your balance by a decent amount.

According to the rules of bookmakers, the use of forks is prohibited. Therefore, in order not to arouse suspicion, you need to open bets on whole numbers. For example, to put not $ 33. 11, but just 30 or 35 bucks.

The profitability of this method is not high, the calculation is going on for the long term, it needs to be dealt with constantly.

The best strategies for betting on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

Reduce the risks to zero, you can never, earnings in bookmakers will always depend on luck. Even the clear favorites sometimes lose, it is important to see the potential of the outsider or hit the statistics in order to open bets on those bets whose probability is really high. Consider the most interesting tactics:

  1. The victory of an outsider in one of the quarters.

A strategy created for basketball. If you delve into the statistics, you will see that over 90% of matches end with a different number of winning quarters.

It is extremely rare that there is a situation when a favorite takes all segments of the game. Therefore, it makes sense to put on an outsider in LIVE mode.

Just don’t choose matches with high odds. If the opponent of the favorite is a really weak team, he can lead the whole game in a row.

So, to start, we need to find a suitable match in live. Check the odds, the outsider should not be explicit.

After that we rely on the fact that he will take the first quarter. If this does not happen, double the bet on the second quarter, repeat these actions on the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Complement this tactic with one of the economic strategies (the same Martingale). You need to act quickly, after the match, just go to the next game.

Wins will not be big, only if you are unlucky enough to win 3-4 quarters. Because after losing the first two quarters, the odds will rise to become an outsider.

  1. The first leg is kicked.

Obviously, this strategy was created for football, it is very simple, suitable for beginners. Again, based on general statistics, the first goal in 75% of cases is hammered with a foot.

The probability that in the next match it will happen is quite high, and bookmakers usually offer odds from 1. 4 to 1. 6.

Earn on a bet against a zero account in the same way . Especially when constantly attacking teams face.

It is much more profitable than simply putting a favorite to win. Again, you can open bids every day several times, and by combining this technique with economic strategies, you will definitely get a plus.

  1. Bets on the favorite.

Football betting strategy with minimal risk of loss. Everyone knows that favorites win more often, but bookmakers do not put a high coefficient on their victory.

It is necessary to look for matches where the odds of 1. 3 are offered for a strong team (otherwise it is just pointless to risk) and simply open bets one by one.

Clear favorites sometimes also lose, so it's important to check every game.You must make sure that the team is really set to win (for example, in friendly matches, they can not play at full strength).

To successfully earn such a technique, you need to have a good understanding of sports.

  1. Dallas betting strategy.

An interesting technique that is also easy to use. The bottom line is that bets are placed on the fact that outsiders will not score a goal.

It is necessary to look for matches in which there are obviously a weak and strong team with a big difference in the coefficients. We wait for the start of the meeting and go to LIVE so that the odds go up a bit.

At the start, outsiders will be active, but judging by general statistics, they are extremely rarely scored. Therefore, open the individual total less than 1 on a weak team and wait for the match to end.

They are very likely not to score a goal at all, and even if they manage to do it once, you will receive a refund.

From personal experience I will share some secrets. When using this strategy of sports betting, do not consider matches in the youth and women's leagues (there are different statistics).

Also, do not choose games where the class of teams is too different (you lose, even if the score is 25: 2). Most of the winnings in Dallas managed to get from the Italian League.

  1. Bets on the total from 0. 5.

There are certain leagues in football and there are often matches in which you just have to open an account. For example, there are two attacking teams or one of the squads lacks good defenders.

Bets on the total greater than 0. 5 guarantee a victory if one of the teams scores. Based on the statistics, this most often occurs in:

  • Netherlands Championships;
  • 45> German Championships; 45 European Championships; 45> England Premier League.

Note that the data is changing, you need to analyze it yourself and calculate where the zero count is most rare. Recently, according to the presented championships, more than 90% of matches ended with an open account.

True, the coefficient is not so high, if it is less than 1. 12 it is better not to bet at all. Wait for the live, after the first minutes the coefficient can rise.

  1. A popular betting strategy is the Corridor.

This is an old and proven tactic most often used in football. Better must create a corridor that exactly matches the outcome of the game.

Two opposite outcomes are chosen to minimize risks. In part, this is similar to the bookmaker's forks, but it’s really enough to do with one BC.

The strategy corridor is suitable for hockey, basketball, football and other sports.

For example, you predict that the game will end with a score of 2: 0. In order not to take risks and not to put on an accurate account, you make two bets TB 1. 5 and TM 2. 5.

If your prediction comes true, you will get a win on both bets. If it does not come true, then at least the losses will not be so significant. You can create multiple corridors at once.

  1. Football betting strategy on yellow cards.

Professionals prefer rare bets because they have the highest odds. It is difficult to predict how many penalties will be in the game, but for this, it is realistic to make a forecast based on statistics.

On the Internet, you can find the necessary data and see which teams more often violate the rules:

Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

Standard total yellow cards of 3. 5, but you need to take into account some peculiarities. In particular, strong teams break the rules less often, because they have more possession of the ball and force the opponent to aggressively attack.

You also need to check the statistics on the arbitrator. It is necessary to choose judges who, according to statistics, at least 60% of matches give more than 3 yellow cards.

Ideally, it is necessary to bet on collisions of "hard" teams, when judging by an arbitrator who boldly deals cards.

Do not forget to check the composition of the teams, even in famous clubs there are characters who can’t live without violations in 90 minutes of the main playing time.

  1. Tennis betting strategy with minimal risk.

Many interesting tactics have also been developed for tennis. One of them are bets on well-serving players.

As a rule, they are tall and due to this they often achieve the first ball. They confidently take the game with their serve, but are not strong enough when the opponent submits.

This dependence should be used in rates. High growth slows down, so well-serving tennis players end up with many tie-breaks.

Due to this, there are excellent bets on the total more and a deep analysis is not required here. Experienced betters even before the start of any tournament, pre-determine the "Bows."

Check the statistics, select the best players from the service and open the bet. According to the general data, in 65% of cases, the first served ball brings leadership. Tai breaks are observed in every fight.

Difficult tactics, but working, and who understands tennis, already now remembered several podan.

  1. Bets on total in table tennis.

Another strategy based on statistical data. Bets on table tennis should be considered first.

As a rule, the bookmaker margin is lowered here. And also offers higher ratios. This is due to less attention to this sport.

The bottom line is that you need to bet on the total less in the next set. For this purpose, meetings of clear favorites with outsiders are chosen (for example, a player from the TOP 10, and a player covering a hundred of the best tennis players). It will be more profitable to make a bet in Live mode.

We start the broadcast, we need to wait for the moment when the favorite goes forward in the first set, and his opponent cannot counter the attack with anything. According to statistics, the underdog cannot assemble after a crushing defeat in the first set.

Everything is simple here, you need to bet on the total less in the next set. In most cases, its magnitude is 18. 5, less often is 16. 5-17. 5, it all depends on the class of players.

The greater the difference in the level of athletes, the less should be the total. Without some knowledge, you definitely should not use this technique.

All these are game strategies with minimal risks, they should be complemented by economic tactics. Over time, you will learn how to modernize popular appliances or even combine them. Each professional beta has its own method.

Strategy bets on football, hockey and tennis with minimal risk

Why are sports betting strategies not working?

Beginners try to use different schemes, but not everyone succeeds. This may be due to various reasons. First of all, look for the problem in yourself:

  1. Hurry - the desire to quickly make money in bookmaker offices, pushes for active actions. If you do not turn on the brain and do not bother with analysis, nothing will come of it. Even thoughtful strategies require constant checks.
  2. Deposit Management - in addition to playing sports betting strategies, you need to use economic ones. The most common mistake of newbies is the big stakes. It is better to allocate no more than 5% of the bank, how accurate the forecast would not seem.
  3. Weak nerves - it is hard to cope with yourself when you have to repeat the same actions monotonously, and also keep track of tedious statistics. Moreover, some start to frankly "blunt" after a series of losses or a big win.

Sports betting strategies are developed based on experience, statistics and various calculations. Each of the presented methods has its own "zest", so if you can not use them, you should reconsider your approach to earnings on the bookmakers.

Remember, betting strategies with minimal risk do not guarantee permanent winnings, but reduce the frequency of losses. Therefore, be prepared for periodic losses, take them for granted.

Even in this case, you gain invaluable experience that will help you earn even more in the future.

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