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In today's post, I will briefly talk about the role of stop words in PPC systems and try not only to reflect, but to give specific advice. Stop words prevent your content from being displayed. Let me give you a simple example: let's say you have launched an advertising campaign for the sale of luxury jewelry, and you have set a phrase match or an extended match for the keyword "wedding rings". It would be nice to add a stop word "cheap" so that your advertisement is NOT shown if someone is looking for "cheap wedding rings."

First, we will look at some of the tricks with which you can figure out who exactly your advertising attracts.

Find out what you pay for .

Not long ago, Google added a feature in the Adwords report section, which is called "search query report." The point is that Google will show what the user was looking for before he clicked on your ad (because with the "extended match", they can come in according to various requests).

But you will not see the full information in the search query report. There is a much better solution from ROI Revolution - Google Analytics keyword search

Yes, it works on the basis of Google Analytics, but at the same time produces excellent results. When you see how strange and even ridiculous inquiries are transferred to your site, you will immediately begin to use stop words in your advertising campaign.

But besides the snooper, you also need to work with your head.

Obvious things

The Google Keyword Tool or other keyword search tools, such as Wordtracker or Keyword discovery, are the most obvious, but often ignored, methods of keyword analysis. Enter the most competitive options for your primary and secondary keywords and browse through the listings.

Next you need to turn on the brains. You know your products and your services, and you have a list of the ways in which people search for your products and services - find in the list those things for which you would not like to pay. Do not pay per click for searches that do not match the products and services you offer. Easier does not happen.

Suppose you sell accounting software. Your list will look, for example, as follows:

  • accounting programs
  • accounting programs for small businesses
  • accounting programs for PCs
  • programs for accounting free
  • home accounting system
  • accounting automation
  • barcode accounting methods
  • accounting organization
  • online accounting
  • Accounting Software Download

So you know well what you are selling. Does your software work on a PC? Do you provide a free or trial version? Will your software apply to a small business? Does it work with barcodes? Can I use it online? Is it for home accounting? Is it possible to download your software?

Almost half of the most popular requests for which you pay with an extended match to the request “accounting software” may have absolutely nothing to do with what you offer.

Product search tools with an offer of options

In the world of product marketing, you can use any site that organizes into categories and offers you products based on your keywords to identify potential stop of words. A good example is the search products on Google. Search for your main keywords, then scroll through the page to see the results, offers, and brands.

You might want to add the name of your competitor’s trademark as a stop word (or and do not - it's up to you!), and the corresponding field with the search results can help you in choosing stop words.

By making a short list, you can add

Specified The above tricks will help you create your own list of stop words. Review the main list and begin to supplement it with synonyms, different forms of words, phrases, words with misprints, etc.

For example, in the case of the word “cheap,” you can make the following list:

  • free of charge
  • free of charge
  • free of charge
  • free of charge
  • free of charge
  • cheap
  • cheap
  • substandard
  • balances
  • balance
  • sale
  • discount
  • discounts
  • discounted
  • markdown
  • freebie

It remains only to indicate that if you, for example, added the stop word "web", then Google Adwords will exclude all advertising with the words "web", so there is no need to add words such as "web server", "web master", etc.

So, start using stop words - this is a direct and simple way to increase the effectiveness of PPC advertising.

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