StomperScrutinizer - Profit Hunter Update

StomperScrutinizer - Profit Hunter Update Yesterday I received a letter on the subject from Stompernet. A new version of StomperScrutinizer has been released, which you can install (or download) from this page. All subsequent upgrades will occur automatically.

What kind of program it is and why it is needed, you can read in the article How to increase site conversion.

This is what you can do with StomperScrutinizer:

1. Emulate the human eye to improve site usability.

Testing usability is a very important and valuable stage of work on the design of the site. However, its disadvantage is that you cannot find out what the tester thinks about when browsing the site. Therefore, many such tests are conducted on the principle of “thinking out loud” when a person speaks everything he thinks and does when he visits the site. Using the StomperSrutinizer program makes the tester's task much easier because it saves him from having to be distracted by conversations. Moreover, you can use the program instead of the tester.

2. Simplify the use of the site and direct visitors' activities on the right track.

The site structure, information content, product description pages and order pages render is huge impact on the financial success of your project. With StomperScrutinizer, you can arrange the necessary elements on the page in such a way that it will make the visitor’s journey through your site as easy as possible and bring it closer to purchasing your (partner) products.

3. Giving an extra pair of eyes to a designer.

It’s not easy to assess the quality and usability of the design that you or your designer have been working on. StomperScrutinizer will allow you to look at it from the side.

4. Find the “outstanding” design elements.

The program allows you to see what you see with side vision. Remove the focus from the screen and see which elements immediately attract the attention of the visitor.

5. Check the simplicity of finding the necessary information on the site.

Having visited your site, a visitor compares it to hundreds of others he has visited before. He very quickly (faster than you think) recognizes the search box, navigation menu and other structural elements. With the help of StomperScrutinizer you can facilitate the process of finding the necessary information. Someone from a family or acquaintances to look at your website through Scrutinizer and find one or another element or information. See how he / she succeeds and draw the appropriate conclusions.

6. Check how effective visual design elements work.

Factors such as contrast, repetition, alignment and closeness determine the visitor’s perception of the website design. The visitor recognizes the basic page layout almost instantly, so you need to know how the visitor perceives individual design elements. in focus peripheral vision. Ask another person to sketch a page layout when the focus of the Scrutinizer is outside the page. After that, let him play with the program and add details to the outline. Carefully read the results and draw conclusions.

7. Identify the contrast levels of the site.

Through the side view function, you can determine if the page elements are sufficiently contrasting. Check if you can recognize the key design elements in this mode and see if the individual text blocks merge.

8. Teach the visitor how to use the site.

Using the site, the visitor remembers the position of key layout elements. In order for such training to take place as efficiently as possible, you must facilitate the perception of the main elements by lateral vision. Ask yourself if your visitors can recognize this or that block with lateral vision. After all, if a person, for example, “does not see” the menu, the probability that he will use it is very low.

9. Properly position the buttons, jackdaws and other radio spots.

Visitors most often perceive the last button as a button for completing a process or moving to a new stage or page. Do not break this rule.

10. Tell others how their vision works.

Surprise your family and friends with deep knowledge in this area. Show them how their eyes work and what their eyes actually see. Surely it will be of interest to them sno

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