Stimulprofit. com monetize download traffic for big reasons - Profit Hunter

What else would you make money for? No, better like this: "How to make money on the Internet?" Questions about one, but the approaches are different. I wonder how a sapper, arbitrator, waresman or dormen would answer this question? how to earn". Today is not about every single way. They are all good with the right approach. Today we will focus on one of the most profitable topic - download traffic .

Stimulprofit. com monetize download traffic for big reasons - Profit Hunter

Why about download traffic ? Because this topic is profitable, simple and relatively young, which means niche and klondike. What kind of traffic is this? This is traffic sent to download files. The files can be movies, music, books, software, manuals, magazines, and everything that can be downloaded on the Internet and measured in the file format. In practice, it looks easy. Internet users are constantly looking for some information, download information and again spread it to the network. For example, a certain Pupkin is looking for the just-released cartoon “Shrek 3. Shrek forever.” or software “CS5 Master Collection” . The options requests in a search engine like “download for free” or “watch online” will often appear in the query string. So he will find quite a few links on which our Pupkin will download the object of interest he needs.

Who is interested in this topic first of all?

As you understand, the topic download-traffic is of interest first of all to those who can download this traffic. These craftsmen are primarily doveyschiki (doorway) and varezmeny. Do not feed them with bread, but let the traffic pour. Such experts understand that pouring traffic on download is much easier and enveloping than on the same movie partners or landing pages. Why? Hmm, judge for yourself. Here is a question of scale and options. One service offers to download not only movies, but also a bunch of different file types. In fact, download affiliate programs contain all the individual movies, books, music, etc. Affiliate program in one wallet. Subject catch? Add here another multilingualism (not only Russians can download, but also Europeans, Americans, etc.) and geo-targeting by country. Here is such a mega file-media supermarket of international format that converts traffic into earnings.

All right. Lyrics and introductory words - good. Get to the point. With concepts and examples sorted out. Let's go to the tools. The banner above is our tool - download affiliate program Stimulprofit. com . I will list the advantages of the affiliate program:

Stimulprofit. com monetize download traffic for big reasons - Profit Hunter

  1. Quality database of files based on trackers. The user gets what he was looking for and the quality he was looking for.
  2. Beautiful shawls with a high envelope. Why beautiful? Look at least at this http: // vpoicke. com.
  3. High% progressive rates for SMS, with 5% ref. by the system. Progressive - up to 95% deductions from billing.
  4. Deployed real-time statistics. You can track statistics by country, operator, time, source, etc.
  5. Size of file archives of your choice. If you really need a movie in good quality more than 1 Gig in size, there is.
  6. Large selection of promotional materials and their flexible setting.
  7. Domain parking, TDS, modules for WP and DLE.
  8. You can drain traffic through the modules of other affiliate programs - BitCash, 123cash, file4cash. Drain traffic from other affiliate programs - BitCash, 123cash, file4cach.
  9. Stable servers.
  10. Technical support 24/7.

To which audience is the affiliate program Stimulprofit directed. com ? In Russian. Russians live not only in Russia (and where are we not?). How do you like Spain, UK, Hungary or Poland? This is a small part of the countries from the list of affiliate programs. To date, in the affiliate 24 countries.

What to do?

It is good when there is a ready-made worker or torrent. And if not? The world has not come together with the wedge. A good option is to create one-page sites, tailored specifically for specific requests for hot and fresh topics. For example, the same “Shrek 3” or “All archive of matches of football in 2012” . The main thing that all these files were in reality. Affiliate program will not tolerate any cheating.

What else would you make money for? No, better like this: “How to make money online?”

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