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Pharma business, earnings at the farm, pharma affiliate, Stimul Cash , button “loot.” Often we hear, see and talk about the possibility of earning a red caviar with the help of pharma. But talk - this is one thing, you will not be full of them. profitable and optimal way - the way of cooperation and mutual assistance. What, in this case, this article? About the fact that to nest a chick when it was thrown out of the nest. How to start earning after we registered and set up our first pharmacy?

Profit = traffic + conversion

First of all, we need to understand where our profits come from our income? You say, “From customers.” True and obvious. For us humans, yes, these are customers. But who are they for our online store? ... Traffic. And the rate of return is conversion. So what is traffic and conversion? Traffic (in the context of attendance) is the flow of visitors. Conversion - the ratio of the number of web site visitors who committed the target action - click, register, call, purchase, etc. - to the total number of attracted visitors. We conclude: if we want to earn money, we need 1), 2) and 3) to get traffic, that is, visitors to our pharmacy, which we will receive in the StimulCash affiliate program. Good affiliate programs, i.e. StimulCash, are additionally paid for attracted webmasters (referrals). Therefore, if you have a lot of friends and acquaintances, you can be happy to bring them into this business and they, among other things, will bring both your profit and you. To get traffic, that is, customers to our sites, there are many ways, each, in its own way, is unique and has many branches that can be viewed and studied for a very long time. All methods in one article can not be described. I will cite the basic methods that should be repelled, after which it will be possible to understand which of the methods suits you best.

PS: Do not immediately rush to the various instructions and tips that we find on blogs, forums, etc. This is someone else's experience, squeezed from others' trial and error. What will you do when you face new challenges and questions? Looking for instructions again? Sooner or later, you have to turn on your brains and think for yourself.

Getting traffic

Before you start to get traffic to your pharmacy, you need to understand that in order to get a visitor you need to place a link to your pharmacy somewhere. On some resource that has its own visitors. The resource itself can have all sorts of visitors. In fact, all people get sick and are being treated, each of us needs medicines and it does not matter whose site we go to. If we see an advertisement for the sale of the medicine we need, then we will go and buy. But the thematic sites, of course, are not excluded, they will bring more benefits than non-thematic ones. What should we do? One of these sites, I would suggest, is to create a health blog. The topic of health is always relevant. There, your pharmacy from StimulCash will be in demand at 100% and all visitors will thank you for it. Why is creating an additional health website effective? The answer is simple. This is the topic. We do not just offer pills, pills, etc. We reveal the problem and offer a solution. In addition, the health information site is also a regular reader, and ... potentially regular customers of our pharmacy.

The blog itself is not difficult to promote. On it we will receive, basically, SE traffic (search traffic), which is only in our favor. Then you can try to create Farma TOP. There are many resources on the Internet that would like to exchange traffic. Here is our TOP them great help. At the top of the top hang your banner at the pharmacy.

As an option, you can also create your own catalog and advertise our product there. One of the effective methods of advertising is to work with the forums. For the most part, people like to ask about these or other medicines, but in this you will immediately be able to offer your product to them. Here our task is to search for thematic forums and to take part in them.

Create your newsletter and make periodic releases. Publishing there interesting stories about the recovery of people with the drugs that you sell at the pharmacy. I would like to mention here such a moment that many are trying to make illegal methods for the promotion of projects. This is not entirely correct, because sooner or later your labors will be destroyed, and I would not want it to be just when you are at the very peak. And you have to start from scratch. I do not advise working with spam and using any illegal methods of work. Pay attention to this. Read more, study and analyze and sooner or later your result will bring you profit for many years.

I note that this article was written with the support of pharma affiliate Stimul Cash. At the beginning of the article I said that “The most profitable and optimal way is the way of cooperation and mutual assistance.” Earn with us, together with StimulCash.

StimulCash - fill your financial gap.

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