Stealing money from Yandex. Money, how to secure a wallet?

Virtual money is quite actively used by Internet users, and payment systems receive a huge amount of new registrations every day. E-commerce is evolving, but are the developers of payment systems able to provide a high level of security?

Stealing money from is one of the most discussed topics associated with this service. Unfortunately, problems with the loss of funds from the wallets of Yandex are quite a part and only in rare cases, it is possible to achieve the truth and return the lost amounts.

Stealing money from Yandex. Money, how to secure a wallet?

How reliable Yandex is. Money?

After opening a wallet in this system, it is not necessary to personalize your account, so all functions are available (withdrawal, replenishment, transfers), and this is already a high risk.

According to Yandex representatives, wallets must be personalized , only in this case, you can promptly return the money, and you can return them even if fraudsters have time to use them.

If the fact of fraud occurred, money was withdrawn from your wallet, you did not carry out the necessary procedures for personalization, you can say goodbye to your money. To statements about the need for a refund, technical support Yandex. Money is extremely negative.

In their opinion, the fact of fraud should be checked, and this is the case of law enforcement agencies, since the system was not hacked, the account was hacked (and this still needs to be proved). In some ways they may be right, but this affects their reputation extremely negatively.

In terms of security, the Webmoney payment system is more developed, and if you install a client, set up SMS notifications and use other security levels, you can not worry about the safety of your money at all.

Cases of fraud with Webmoney are rare, but about Yandex. Money goes to a lot of "unpleasant" rumors, which are supported by real stories.

Stealing money from Yandex. Money, how to secure a wallet?

How to secure a Yandex wallet. Money?

  • use the latest browser versions;
  • install anti-virus software;
  • update the anti-virus database stably;
  • be careful when navigating by linking and downloading programs;
  • connect SMS confirmation of payments;
  • personalize the wallet;
  • never provide anyone with access data to the wallet.

Scammers always come up with more and more sophisticated ways to get the money of honest users, so it’s impossible to defend yourself 100%. Conclusion - on electronic wallets it is better not to keep large sums.

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