Start doing good, motivate people

What do you think, can you influence good in this world? Many will answer this question "no", because they do not have a sufficient level of influence on the public. Contrary to your beliefs, to make this world a little better, everyone can absolutely.

Let the contribution be not essential, but you can run a viral reaction, in which many others will want to repeat your actions. Only due to public understanding it will be possible to achieve positive results, and this is not so easy to do. Nevertheless, the situation is worth changing, because modern people have become greedy, secretive and prefer not to stand out from the crowd.

Start doing good, motivate people

10 dollars

One of the American rock bands held a rather interesting action, the basis of which was presented in a video clip. The action was called "10 dollars to please a stranger," and its essence was to transfer money to a passer-by on the street and an explanation of the need to do something good with that money.

10 dollars, this is relatively not a lot of money, but for the popular rock band Guster, this is a penny. Of course, they were not limited to transferring money to one person, but on the other hand, they received more material for the clip and made a contribution to good more tangible.

How did the people who received 10 dollars behave in order to make others happy? They bought flowers and distributed them on the street, ordered pizza and shared with passersby, bought pencils and distributed to children, and one woman exchanged money for trifles and lowered coins into a parking meter, which pleased motorists.

Start doing good, motivate people

According to the organizers of this action, the money they spent is not worth the smiles and joy that people received. They really managed to make a contribution to good, which should be an example for all.

Motivation of people for good can be created not only at the expense of money. To cause joy under the power of each of us, but not all do. Want to make the world better? Start doing good. If we all do not begin to do this, in a short time the situation will be seriously aggravated and it will be much more difficult to do good.

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