Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming

With the advent of the first multimedia services in the global network, the active development of the sphere of earnings in the field of video blogging began.

The first video hosting sites, on the basis of which the profitable activity of many Internet users was organized, appeared on the open spaces of the first decade of our century. A lot of time has passed since then, but at the same time many amendments have been made to the developers of profitable projects, which have a positive impact on the modern model of earnings of the video blogger.

Today, earnings in the multimedia area is one of the most popular methods of making a profit online. The high popularity of this activity is ensured primarily by the openness of profitable platforms.

So, today novice video bloggers do not need to independently create a separate Internet resource to promote their materials - ready-made solutions are provided on a shareware basis by the multimedia services themselves.

Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming

You can make money in the field of video blogging today in several ways at once. If earlier only video hosting services were actively developing in this direction, today streaming platforms have joined them.

Thus, at present, the user can independently choose the most preferred way of working - publishing pre-edited videos or conducting streaming broadcasts in online mode.

For the organization of such activities, he can use specialized multimedia services, which are presented in a large assortment in the vast global network.

However, not all of them are capable of ensuring high rates of development of the new channel. From the point of view of maximum efficiency, the best options are the YouTube and Twitch sites, each of which represents a separate area of ​​the video blogging industry.

So, the site offers its users to earn money through the publication of thematic videos. The site, in turn, specializes in streaming broadcasts, which are more entertaining.

Today, the network contains quite a lot of information regarding the monetization of multimedia channels. However, for many users, there are unrevealed more specific questions:

  1. how to make money on YouTube;
  2. how to make money on twitch.

We will try to provide exhaustive answers to these questions in the text of this article. In the course of the reasoning, we will learn the basic principles of video hosting services and streaming platforms, learn the principles of the development of a new channel and ways to monetize it.

According to the results of the studied information, we will compare two areas of earnings in the field of video blogging, and then we will make a conclusion about their positive and negative qualities.

Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming

The principles for organizing profitable activities on YouTube. com

The YouTube service, created by the notorious Google Inc , appeared on the global network among the first multimedia platforms. Over the long years of development, this site has changed significantly, and at the same time, the working conditions on it have significantly improved and simplified.

YouTube is the largest video hosting site, on whose pages a huge amount of multimedia materials of various topics are collected. Successful authors who develop their channels within this service regularly publish videos about mobile and computer games, smartphones and gadgets, home appliances and electronics, repair and construction, music and art, sports and tourism, as well as many other things.

In simple terms, the YouTube service is a large-scale multimedia library, in which there are interactive answers to all requests from viewers.

To start making money on the YouTube site. com, the user needs to have his multimedia channel . A new resource must be constantly filled with thematic content, as well as promoted to the masses using advertising methods.

The development procedure for a beginner video blogger channel can be represented by as the following sequence of steps:

  1. account registration on the Gmail mail service;
  2. the YouTube service using the previously created email address;
  3. selecting the theme of the site and filling it with content;
  4. setting up channel functions and its appearance;
  5. promoting the finished site to the masses .

Getting started with any Internet service requires going through the primary registration procedure. YouTube's video hosting, like many other web sites of Google Inc., works on the principle of integration with the Gmail mail service.This means that in order to gain access to the capabilities of the multimedia service, the novice author will need a valid email address.

You can register a new e-mail on the official website of the mail service -. In the process of creating a new address, the user will be required to specify a username, password and personal data. In addition, to ensure the safety of your account, you will need to bind a mobile phone number - in case of loss of a password, the owner will be able to easily restore it using SMS commands.

With a valid Gmail email address, the user can log in to the YouTube site. When you first log into the system, a familiarization course will be launched, which will help you quickly get familiar with the sections of the site. A novice author should immediately go to the settings menu, which contains many channel control options.

First, you need to set the desired name of the resource. To do this, you can create a separate channel, or use the basic profile of Google. In the account settings, you should specify the desired name, as well as attach an avatar, which will visually describe the future content of the resource.

To begin the development of a new channel, it is necessary to decide first of all on its thematic direction. YouTube allows you to place videos in a wide variety of categories: games and entertainment, sports and health, repair and construction, music and art, beauty and fashion, and much more.

It is hardly worth talking about the serious advantages of a particular thematic area. As practice has shown, with proper desire, you can achieve success even in the most seemingly hopeless category.

Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming

The choice of thematic focus, in turn, pushes the author to the next step, which is to graphically design the channel. So, the user must create a high-quality designer banner that will visually display the site content.

After the final selection of the channel's subject matter, you can proceed to setting it up - you should set the required rules for sending notifications, set the distinction between the rights to comment on videos, and bind your Twitter account. Upon completion of the setup, you can begin to fill the resource.

For this, the user will need special software with which he can process sound and video. For novice users who previously did not have to deal with such software products, you can recommend simple solutions - video editor and audio track editor.

After successful completion of the previously described steps, the user will be able to start promoting his virtual resource. To do this, he will have to use all available types of advertising.

As a rule, the promotion of multimedia channels on the YouTube platform is carried out through the official advertising of Google, unofficial advertising on the sites of other authors, as well as a variety of contests and sweepstakes. As soon as the user's channel reaches high levels of spectator activity, numerous ways to monetize it will become available.

Earnings on YouTube is based on several ways to monetize channels at once. However, not many of them can provide high rates of return.

The most effective methods of monetization include:

  1. placement in their videos advertising partner media network;
  2. active promotion of developing channels other users;
  3. conclusion of sponsorship contracts with companies and organizations;
  4. distribution of links of CPA-programs;
  5. provision of consulting services and assistance in the development of new channels.

The five top ten monetization directions presented above are most often used in the current conditions of the YouTube service development.

In this case, it is hardly possible to single out the highly profitable methods of earning - some video bloggers manage to make a fortune by showing advertisements of partner media networks, others prefer constant cooperation with large sponsoring organizations, and others form their main income by effectively participating CPA programs.

Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming

Principles for the organization of profitable activities on the Twitch website. tv

Unlike video hosting services, streaming platforms began to develop on the Internet not so long ago. It is worth noting that the Twitch platform, which is managed by the Amazon organization, was among the first sites of this type. However, at that time she was not able to find a high audience interest.

However, over time, competing projects began to leave the multimedia services market, which had a positive effect on the popularity of the Twitch site. tv. Today, this site is one of the most popular in the field of streaming video.

The Twitch streaming platform is a more advanced analogue of entertainment television. On the pages of this service, many users are registered who regularly stream online video broadcasts for their viewers.

The main part of the broadcasts is exclusively entertaining - they are devoted to computer and mobile games, interactive show programs, as well as creativity and art. In order to start making money on Twitch, the user needs to have a developed channel, as well as efficient equipment that can maintain the stability of streaming broadcasting.

Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming

To organize a profitable activity within the framework of the Twitch streaming platform, the user needs to perform a number of steps. You can describe these steps as a sequence of the following type:

  1. registration in the streaming platform system - creating an account for which the unique identification number of the multimedia channel will be assigned;
  2. setting up channel options and installing graphic design — enabling the necessary functions and loading an individual appearance;
  3. installing and configuring software — installing the streaming programs necessary to direct a steady stream of video to the network (X Split, OBS;
  4. conducting regular broadcasts and promoting a multimedia channel to the masses - using various advertising approaches to raise the level of popularity of the author’s resource.

Thus, earnings on Twitch impose quite high demands on the authors of the channels. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the technical requirements - any novice user must have available productive equipment capable of providing high quality data transmission.

In addition, time requirements can be distinguished - if on YouTube the main part of success in moving depends on the quality and quantity of advertising purchased, then on Twitch the number of hours that the video blogger has the greatest impact on the final result ready to devote to my broadcasts.

A developed channel that is regularly watched by thousands of active viewers can bring a huge profit to its owner. To extract profits from its resource, the user can use the following ways to monetize , such as:

  1. placing on their broadcasts advertising of the partner media network Twitch Media Group;
  2. concluding sponsorship contracts with companies and organizations;
  3. use of time-based paid subscriptions;
  4. attraction of voluntary donations of funds.

Thus, earnings on Twitch are characterized more by official methods of monetization of the channel. Without a doubt, we can say that the administration of the streaming platform tried to create the most convenient conditions for organizing the profitable activities of its users.

Start a career in video blogging. Earnings on media hosting and streaming


Today we have studied in detail earnings on the Internet on multimedia services. In the text of this article, we compared the currently popular areas of earnings in the field of video blogging - monetization of video hosting channels and streaming platforms.

On the basis of the considered information, it is difficult to draw an unequivocal conclusion about the predominance of one type of sites over another. The specific choice should be made in accordance with the interests and preferences of the user. We, in turn, will try to form a complete characteristic of the YouTube and Twitch services based on the results of .

  1. - this is a large-scale web library, which contains a lot of video materials of various categories.

    People with different interests can earn money on YouTube - the most popular channels are dedicated to games and entertainment, sports and health, repair and construction, engineering and electronics. The key role in the process of promoting the YouTube channel is played by the quantity and quality of advertising, and therefore this type of activity requires mandatory cash investments.

  2. - this is the most popular streaming platform today, which regularly hosts online entertainment.

    All broadcasts on this site are devoted to computer and mobile games, interactive show programs, art and creativity. Due to this fact, the main part of the site’s audience is represented by young people, which means that the author of the channel must be of the appropriate age.

    With regard to the popularization of the Twitch channel, the amount of time that the author devotes to the work has the greatest influence on success. This means that to develop a career on the site Twitch. tv can even in the absence of cash.

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