Stars also appeal to copywriters

Novice copywriters dream of receiving serious orders from popular customers.

It is quite difficult to interest them, because the quality of work must be at its best, therefore, the best candidates are chosen on the copywriting and freelance exchanges. The TOP is viewed, the portfolio is evaluated and reviews are checked.

Stars also turn to copywriters, otherwise who would make quality texts for them. Not everyone has such talent, and if a person sings well or dances, this does not mean that he is creative in all respects.

Experienced copywriters constantly process applications and sometimes they come from famous people.

Stars also appeal to copywriters

Features of working with stellar clients

Only if you achieve an impeccable reputation, you get into the TOPs and improve your skills, can you attract the attention of customers.

Until the moment when orders from businessmen, owners of large services or stars begin to arrive, one has to go through a difficult stage of development, most of them give up.

Even if famous people have not addressed you, it will happen sooner or later. Perhaps they will not be the favorites of a huge audience, but if they have any major service on the Internet, this is good.

As a rule, order texts for landing pages, advertisements, FAQ sections and news.

Consider the features of orders to copywriters from stars:

  1. Stars rarely make contact with a freelancer, most often their representatives do it. They will definitely try to bargain, stay on your own, demand decent pay for liability, the stars have money.
  2. Don't even dream of a direct dialogue with a popular person. It is advisable to take orders from the administrators of official sites or PR agents. Other representatives can not only bring down the price, but also not pay at all.
  3. Most likely the copywriter will be offered to sign a contract if the person is popular and needs to write more than one small article. Agree to this, a contract with a star in the career of a copywriter will add solidity.
  4. Copywriting services agreements should be carefully studied, and if permanent cooperation is offered, it is better to turn to professionals so that they consider all the points.
  5. Responsibility when creating an article for a famous person is greatly increased. Feel free to ask for a technical assignment or at least an example of what the customer wants.
  6. Do not grab the work at breakneck speed, just because the order came from a famous person. Evaluate the benefits of the proposal, put forward counter requirements, show your indifference to popularity, this is perceived as professionalism.

Often, under the mask of an employee of an advertising agency or a representative of a popular person, fraudsters are hiding. Recheck contact details and request prepayment.

Just imagine that your portfolio will contain work ordered by representatives of Ksenia Sobchak or Fyodor Bondarchuk. For other customers, this will definitely have a positive effect.

Stars also appeal to copywriters

It was possible to cooperate with all the famous copywriters with the stars. To attract the attention of serious people is not easy, you have to accumulate experience for a long time and stand out from the crowd of gray authors. And what are you doing for this? Most copywriters do not promote their services at all.

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