Stable books Kuban-bux, affiliate program at Kuban-bux

What is Kuban-bux? This is another click sponsor who consistently pays money and provides newcomers with easy money on the Internet. Anyone can register on this site and start work; the only requirement is the availability of an electronic wallet in the Webmoney system.

This book works since 2010, and the number of users exceeds 60 thousand. There are quite a few positive aspects to Kuban-bux. Firstly, automatic payments to Webmoney, QIWI and Yandex are provided. Money. Secondly, the minimum withdrawal threshold is 5 kopecks.

Thirdly, there is a profitable referral system with three levels.

Stable books Kuban-bux, affiliate program at Kuban-bux

Kuban-bux Active Advertising System

Stable Books Kuban-bux, offers users several types of earnings , but to get access to them, you will need to register. The first step of registration is authorization through Webmoney.

After that a form appears in which you need to enter some data:

Stable books Kuban-bux, affiliate program at Kuban-bux

Filling in all the fields, confirming the agreement with the rules and clicking on the "Registration" button, a message is sent to the e-wallet with a password for operations:

Stable books Kuban-bux, affiliate program at Kuban-bux

You will need it when you first log into the system and when you continue to use various functionality on the site. When you pass authorization on the site and enter your account in the lower right part there will be a menu with a list of available earnings options:

Stable books Kuban-bux, affiliate program at Kuban-bux

We’ll talk about the affiliate program separately, because its conditions are very unusual, the remaining ways of making money, let's look at more:

1. View sites and paid letters.
We have combined these earning options, since they are almost identical. In this and in another case, you will need to visit the sites, for a certain time of viewing you will receive money. This is not a significant amount, up to 5 kopecks, so do not focus on this attention and use it exclusively for a set of ratings or service testing.

2. Tasks.
You can earn stable money on tasks, and the level of income will depend on how many tasks you can complete. Tasks can be different, but they will not be difficult to perform, since in most cases these are registration on sites, transitions in advertising, writing comments, etc.

Stable books Kuban-bux, affiliate program at Kuban-bux

Pay attention to the price of the assignments. It may differ significantly, depending on the complexity of the requirements.

3. Payable download.
This type of earnings also will not bring you huge profits, however, you can use it, because it is extremely simple. To receive money, you will need to download an archive in which, in addition to various information, there will be a text file with a special code. This code you will need to provide to get money.

Affiliate program at Kuban-bux

As already mentioned, the conditions for attracting new users to this service are rather unusual. For certain types of earnings, different percentages of deductions are provided, and in order to make a profit from advertisers, you need to run your own advertising.

With earnings on clicks, you can receive up to 90% of referral income, from assignments and paid letters of 30%. To make a profit from advertisers' expenses, you will need to run your advertising, and every 2 days of active advertising will increase the percentage of deductions by 1.

The maximum deductions are 70%, but to achieve this, you will need to 140 days to keep your task active.

There are all the necessary tools for working with the referral system, from effective advertising materials to mailings and welcome letters.

The system is quite interesting, for registration you will receive 25 kopecks to the advertiser’s balance and you can run an advertisement. Also provides a penny bonus on the wallet and systematically held contests.

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