Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Today we’ll continue to review authoritative sources for backlinks. The next step is a very weighty blog service Squidoo in the Western Internet. com . Our goal, as in the case of EzineArticles, is to create an account and publish the first lens.

It is worth repeating that since the beginning of the site’s existence, it’s important to follow the strategy of creating multiple backlinks . And the emphasis should be put on reputable resources. Do not buy or simply post links from sites that do not have weight for PS. You will get the link, and authority and rank are unlikely. And even worse, stake out your credibility firmly at zero. And links from fat sites will not give such an effect. Do you understand what I mean? ... Less is more and more qualitative than a lot and from any G.

Create an account Squidoo

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

http: // www. squidoo. com

Follow the link, get to the main page of the blog service Squidoo . Click on the link Sign Up . By default, the system prompts you to register using an account on Facebook . If you don’t have one or you don’t want to link your account Facebook to Squidoo, click on the link Or create a Squidoo account

The registration form is simple. Enter the desired Pick Name (login), e-mail and password (from 6 to 8 characters) in the Latin alphabet, and also put checkboxes, agreeing with the terms of the system . If the registration is successful, the system will congratulate you. To the specified mailbox will receive a link to confirm registration.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

The red button Build My First Page! takes us to the lens editor.

Creating the first Squidoo lens

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

What is your page about? This is the main theme of the lens. And what do we fit into the heading? That's right - a keyword or phrase. This business, I remind you, we were engaged in finding a niche with the help of Market Samurai . My example - page Make Your Own Soap (Make soap yourself) - something from the field of master homemade products 🙂 - this is the main theme of my chosen niche.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

The lens title Lens Title may coincide with the theme of the page. In the field Set your lens URL you need to enter the URL of your page. Treat the name as if it were a domain name. This means that the presence of a keyword is desirable in the page address. The field Pick your category I think clearly what it says. Select the theme of our page.

In the third step, Squidoo will ask you to write tags for the page. Again, we prescribe both keywords and relevant to them.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Step four. Here something about the money says. You can earn more money, it turns out. Why is that? Because on your lens through plug-ins you can sell goods from Amazone. com . I chose the third item: receive only money and everything. We indicate your e-mail on PayPal. There are no donations, etc.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

All. Squidoo will open our global editor.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

This is a whole workshop. There are a lot of modules here. There are both modules for video and comments, for RSS feeds, a module for donations (this is when you will donate a denyuzhku that is displayed on the PayPal account), etc. There is also a choice of template for the page. Squidoo allows you to create a full-fledged site on your platform. This is a very strong system.

Editing the introduction

The first thing to do is edit the page description. On the page, find the title Why not add a title? Next to it is the Edit button.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

In the Lens Intro Title field, enter the title of the welcome page. In my example, this is “ Yes, You Can Make Soap at Home! ” (“Yes, you can make soap at home!”). In the next field we write the page description. There are enough 500 characters. And do not forget to use pre-prepared keywords. They should be the main ones.

Also in the description I inserted the link “read more" on my blog. I used the keyword phrase of the theme as an anchor. The link leads to my blog http: // www. makeyourownsoapnow. Com , in the domain name of which there is also a key phrase:


Creation scheme do you understand the correct anchors? Domain name, text and anchor are 100% relevant. Also, let's not forget to insert a picture (like a logo) for our page.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Add more modules

What modules will be useful on our page?

Guestbook module (guestbook)

This The module gives permission to leave comments on your blog.

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

By default, this module already exists on the page. If not, select it from the list of modules on the sidebar by clicking on the sign Then the Add button. The module will appear on the page. Click on the Edit button. Filling in the fields is similar to the page description.In the field Title we set the title. I wrote " Your Own Making Tips ” (Your advice). In the description you can write comments for comments, etc.

In the other fields below you can specify who has the right to leave comments: all or only registered users; by how many comments it displays on the page; delete html tags from comments or not (good thing).

RSS feed module

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

This is a super module. It allows you to publish your RSS blog feed directly to Squidoo. Add a module to the page. Click Edit . We set the title and description, as well as the address of the RSS feed. Specify n Periodicity of checking for new records, output a pineapple or just the title of the article, cut html or not.

Text module

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

This module is connected by default. Here you can write the headline as for the article. Consider that this is the first article on the lens. I chose the heading about the ingredients for soap. I listed various ingredients in the body. At the end I wrote that I don’t forget about all kinds of dishes, cups, etc. and wrote a link to her blog with the main anokrom (see above).

Insert a picture, a label in which we write the main keyword (make your own soap) and the URL to your blog.

After all the settings we publish our lens. We press on the big button top of the lens PUBLISH .

Squidoo - add credibility. Module 3. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

If you have few modules on the sidebar, then click on the Add Modules link at the top of the lens. A page opens where all available modules are categorized. There is something to choose from.

Good news for Russian webmasters

I am writing this item from myself. Links to Squido open and TITS400 . Got a thought? With the right approach, you can still earn PR PR and TIC for yourself. Yes, and there is not a Russian ride. There will be some question marks. Therefore, write in Inglish short sentences. Google Translater does an excellent job with this if anyone has a problem with English. Or on transliteration, as an option. Google perfectly knows how to translate Russian to transliteration in its translator. I will say right away, I am against spam. If anything, I don't know you and we never saw each other

Video of the lesson

  1. Introduction from Ed Dale
  2. Squidoo

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