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Spring Marathon is a series of video tutorials for beginners on how to start making money in burzhunete. At its core, this is a continuation and addition of the Autumn Dara Marathon, so I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the lessons of Ed before proceeding to the study of the Spring Marathon.

The Spring Marathon will be held in April of this year. A suggested list of lessons is as follows:

  1. Niche selection, competition check.
  2. Matching keywords.
  3. Domain purchase and hosting, WordPress installation on a hosting.
  4. Blog settings (widgets, plugins).
  5. Filling a blog with content.
  6. Create a grid of free blogs / satellite sites.
  7. Search and create a bonus product for future subscribers.
  8. Register an account with the mailing list service and set up a mailing list.
  9. Insert the distribution code into the blog and create a cover for the bonus product.
  10. Filling the list.
  11. Socialization of the blog, registration of accounts on social sites.
  12. PPC.
  13. Attracting traffic from blogs, forums, groups, Yahoo Answers, etc.
  14. Article marketing.
  15. Registration of a blog in catalogs of sites and RSS-catalogs.
  16. Outsourcing (and conclusion).

Let me remind you once again that the Spring Marathon is created exclusively for beginners, so you should not expect any revelations from it.

Now the Spring Marathon can be downloaded in a format. pdf by the following links: LetitBit and Vip-File.

Everyone is welcome 🙂


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