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The Spring Marathon 2009 is a translation of the new marathon from Ed Dale.

Using the instructions of the autumn marathon, you could create a new network business from scratch for 30 days!

The schedule was difficult, but after going through all the thorns of the autumn marathon, you earned your first dollar online.

And when the smoke cleared, you knew that you had achieved something extraordinary. You have created a real online business.

But wait - what is it ...?

After the end of the marathon, things are not going as you hoped. Left alone, you make every effort to implement the techniques of the marathon, the study of which you have worked so intensively, but your new business does not grow at the expected rate (if growing at all). Very discouraging, isn't it ...

You keep asking yourself, “How can you make really a lot of money ?”

There is no better place on the Internet where you can learn how to make money your first dollar than a thirty-day marathon. He helped hundreds of people start a business.

But after the heat of the thirty-day marathon subsides, and you are left face to face with your new business, the question always arises ...


And, more importantly, how exactly to do ?

You can guess that you should study more presover Developed techniques to advance to the next level. In the end, the fundamentals that you received are not enough for big money.

So, you go in search of answers ....

You go on forums and blogs and of course, from time to time, find very useful material, but in order to weed out all unnecessary and to find worthy attention, you need a lot of time, and who has it?

It would be good if someone for You were selected by the best material and would make a clear step-by-step course on promoting your business.

Great news! Now such a course is .

But I want you to understand that the “Spring Marathon 2009” is not a replacement, but an addition to the Autumn Marathon, and therefore I strongly recommend that those who have not yet done so should recommend it.

There are many things you have to do to establish your new business, but you do not know what, when, and how to do. Creating products, accepting payments, choosing tools - and so on. The list can be continued for a long time ...

This marathon is aimed at this range of issues. And in it you will find not only information about "what to do next," but also step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Spring Marathon 2009 will help you move from simple market research to real understanding of your market for maximum profit.

The Autumn Marathon showed you how to move from $ 0 to $ 1. Now it's time to raise your business from $ 1 to $ 1000 and higher !!!

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