Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

Bookmakers for more than 100 years, take bets on sports. Someone earns good money on this, but not everything is so simple. To increase the money invested, it is necessary not only to be well oriented in sports.

Now you can make bets without leaving home via the Internet, and bookmakers are considered services for making money.

Sports betting: professional advice for beginners will definitely come in handy and will help you act competently . It is important not only to choose a reliable bookmaker and find a large starting capital.

If you do not pay attention to the subtleties, you will pour the whole amount before you understand where you made a mistake.

Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

Do you make money in bookmakers for you?

The first thing that all gurus talk about is the right choice of a way to earn money. People who have never been interested in sports, do not understand this, it is better to look for other directions.

Sports need to live, at a minimum, to understand its particular form. And if you drip deeper, knowledge of specific leagues and championships is required.

It is necessary to begin with elementary things, study all concepts, subscribe to interesting groups and newsletters, study a niche up and down. There are many interesting materials on our blog that will help newcomers gain useful knowledge:

  • how to put on the football masts online;
  • bets on home fighters;
  • what is progruzy in stakes;
  • what is a short express;
  • what is a ladder in stakes.

Of course, this is not all, but the first steps will be made. Simply put, you yourself must become a professional, learn the theory and put your knowledge into practice in order to gain experience. Are you ready to learn? If the answer is yes, take action.

Choosing a bookmaker

In many ways, the success of a better depends on the service it uses. Now the residents of the Russian Federation have a not so big choice, the majority of BCs got into the registry, because they work without a license.

Bypassing such a lock is not hard, but you will act at your own risk. There are officially authorized bookmakers, and to choose the ideal option, evaluate the following parameters:

  • estimate the breadth of the line, the more sports and wagers available, the better;
  • read reviews, collect company information;
  • make sure there are suitable methods for depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • compare odds, they often float, it makes sense to use several BCs;
  • check the interface convenience, availability of bonuses;
  • talk to technical support, make sure that it is responsive.

As they say, everything is known in comparison. Therefore, before drawing conclusions, visit several sites and select the one that you like best.

Just remember that some companies deliberately set low odds or specialize in certain sports.

The best BC according to the professionals

To facilitate your searches, we suggest using the two best offices. The first one, which works in the territory of the Russian Federation under a special license.

This is an official company with real offices in many cities, offering a wide line and painting (there are even policy bets). In addition, each new customer will receive a welcome bonus:

Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

Now freebets are available up to 5,000 rubles, and deposits up to 25,000 rubles can be doubled for a unique promotion. Honest and time-tested BC, which now has an ideal reputation.

The second office - also offers bonuses of up to 4000 rubles for registration and making a deposit of 100 rubles:

Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

In both bookmakers there is an opportunity to play freebet. The profit received from them is transferred to the main account when all the conditions of the promotion are fulfilled (presented on the websites).

Be sure to rate mobile apps from League of Betting and 1xStavka, it is even more convenient to place sports betting on the phones

How to bet on sports: tips

Many beginners try to find good advice on sports betting from professionals. There is a lot of information on this subject on the Internet, but lists with short recommendations are most often published.

A beginner better needs to chew everything up, because he may not even understand the basic concepts:

  1. Starting capital.

It is necessary to allocate for bets exactly as much money as it is not terrible to lose. It should be free funds that you do not need. No matter how large this amount is, open rates not more than 5% of the total bank.

You need to do everything so that you have enough money for at least 10 bets. Otherwise, you risk quickly finding yourself with a zero balance. As an option, try to make money on the Internet from scratch and inject all the extra income into the bookmakers.

  1. Competent analysis.

You will have to go deeper into the sport, study every match, statistics and more. We have already told how to analyze football for bets. To make a competent forecast, you need to consider at least the main factors:

  • The weather affects the players' activity and the state of the field;
  • The importance of an event affects the game, because for someone a match can be not significant, while for the other team, this is the last chance to break through the standings;
  • The team form determines its readiness for the game. Are there injuries, how many matches were played, and so on;
  • Statistics helps to learn more about each team. Who is more attacking, who has better defense, even the number of red cards;
  • The schedule of games also affects the game, for example, the team will not spend all its strength on a friendly match if they soon enter the field in the Champions League;
  • Emotional background can be disrupted due to a change in the coaching staff, players leaving the team, other events.

The more different factors will be taken into account in the analysis, the better the forecast will be. All presented situations have different effects on the outcome of the match, you also need to learn how to determine their importance.

  1. Paid forecasts.

Why bother at all when you can pay an expert and get a forecast? Do you have friends who are professionally involved in this, and you are too lazy to analyze sports events?

Then you can try, just remember that there are too many imaginary gurus on the Internet and sometimes they sell useless predictions. It is better to invest in several rates than to give them to someone, not being sure of the quality of the information.

  1. Action Plan.

Better must have a plan for any situation. This is not about strategy, but about how to manage capital, when and how much to bet, in what leagues, sports, what to do with a big loss.

It is necessary to foresee all possible outcomes, make a list of rules for yourself in order to avoid even more mistakes.

  1. Control of emotions.

The problem of many newbies is trying to recoup after big losses. And some of them start to treat their funds carelessly if they have won a lot. When making money in bookmakers requires a cold calculation.

Emotions make you make mistakes, take wins and losses for granted. Wait for some time after them to continue working with a free head.

This is not all that a newbie needs to know, on the topic of earnings in bookmaker offices they write entire books. You need to join the topic for a long time, but if you do not pay enough attention to the theory, in practice nothing will come of it.

Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

Sports betting strategy

Before you make a bet, you need to decide on what tactics you will take.

Betters have been searching for ways to beat bookmakers for decades, but they haven’t found a unique function that would guarantee a win. However, sports betting strategies for beginners help increase the chances of winning.

Learn as many strategies as possible, each of which has its own peculiarity. Having collected the main advantages of different tactics, you can develop your own methodology.

Each professional has his own technique, as a rule, they are developed over time based on personal experience. Betting strategies are divided into two main groups:

  1. Mathematical - designed for well-managed money management, overlapping costs. A bright example is the Martingale, in which subsequent bets are made with a multiplication of the amount of 2 times. If you lose, bet 2 times more, sooner or later you will win and previous losses will pay off (provided that the ratio is higher than 2).
  2. Game - provide for game moments. For example, teams statistics are analyzed by average time of possession and number of goals. Then average values ​​are calculated and a bet on total is opened.

In the first case, there is nothing to do with sports, and gambling is conducted according to the same strategy. This trick is not prohibited in bookmakers. It is much more difficult to use game tactics because it takes more time.

Remember that there are no win-win strategies, and if one of the professionals convinces you of the opposite, such an expert is worthless. Risks will remain in any case, sport is unpredictable, even here sometimes events occur in which no one believed.

Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

General secrets and tips from sports professionals

Professionals leave forums, blogs, social networks and many other resources your tips on sports betting for newbies.We walked through many platforms and collected useful recommendations:

  • the first thing a newcomer needs to do is to study all the terms and expressions in the field of sports betting. Otherwise, it will not be possible to study the theory;
  • you cannot dwell on one strategy, you need to constantly change tactics, combine them and test something new;
  • you should try to use forks in bookmakers. They are forbidden, but with the right approach, no one will notice that you use them;
  • you need to treat earnings at sports betting as well as full-time work that requires a lot of time;
  • is knowledge in a certain sport or even league? Then why spray on something else? Work in the area that is closer to you;
  • no matter how confident you are in the outcome of a particular match, never deposit large sums. In this case, it is important to stay afloat;
  • each rate is a separate job. You need to carefully analyze everything, make a competent forecast and only then part with the money;
  • forget contract matches, even if they are, information is available to a narrow circle of people;
  • choose licensed bookmakers otherwise, all your efforts may be in vain, don’t withdraw money anyway;
  • found some resource with sports forecasts from professionals? This is not a reason to turn off their brains. You should always make a decision yourself;
  • do not leave too much money in the account at the bookmaker's office. Order payments periodically to take profits.

By adhering to simple rules, your chances of making a profit from bookmakers will increase several times. It is a pity that many people start betting on sports, without studying the tips and secrets of professionals, learn only from their mistakes.

Sports betting: professional advice and strategy

Tips and Predictions on Sports Rates from Pros

By the law of meanness, you probably have or have already had to deal with such situations when it is possible to correctly predict the outcome of a game to which you did not bet anything, or when you are 100% sure in your prediction, but it does not work.

It also happens that one of the express trains loses, on which you bet the highest amount.

All of this is often written in different groups, on forums, and discussed in chat rooms. Join the community of professionals. Look for interesting projects, they often spread useful information.

People share their predictions, discuss matches and talk about what you can miss.

Start chatting with real sports betting professionals. They give out advice free of charge, and at the same time you can establish business connections and improve your own forecasts.

In addition to the BCs presented above, the bookmaker's office 888 is officially allowed on the territory of the Russian Federation. A welcoming bonus (2,000 rubles) is also set there.

Earnings at sports betting beginners choose because they mistakenly think it is simple. Not only do you need investments at the start, you cannot do without certain knowledge.

Therefore, it is worth several times to think whether such work is suitable for you. But the fact that the topic is profitable can not argue, professionals really get stable winnings.

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