Spend Webmoney, payment services and purchase goods for Webmoney

The Webmoney payment system is the best tool for managing electronic money on the Internet. In RuNet, this service is used by a huge number of users. Using electronic money, you can not only save your time on shopping trips, but also save money, since the goods in the network are much cheaper.

Where to spend Webmoney? There are plenty of options for using this e-currency. In this article we will consider the most successful options for the use of electronic money, which you can use.

Spend Webmoney, payment services and purchase goods for Webmoney

Where to spend Webmoney?

Before you submit specific sites, I would like to say that you can pay for cellular communication, Internet, television, utilities for Webmoney and so on. If you already have a wallet and money on it, then you can use a special form of payment right now:

If you wish, you can withdraw the Webmoney currency to a bank card or receive money by postal order. To do this, you need to get a formal certificate and bind the card to your e-wallet.

After that, go to the system, specify the currency you want to exchange (for example, WMR to Sberbank) and go to the exchanger on which the most favorable rate:

Spend Webmoney, payment services and purchase goods for Webmoney

Now let's consider several sites where Webmoney can be spent:

. The most popular online store that sells various products from China. The prices are so low that some people even organized a business on it. To buy a product, just register and complete the order.

If you do not have such a sum on Webmoney, then you can earn this money on Wmmail.

The only minus of the Tinadreal online store is a long delivery that can be accelerated by choosing paid delivery methods.

  1. . Game service Igrun, invites every user to "plunge" into the world of gambling. More than 3. 5 million players have already registered on this site and are happy to spend time using various slot machines. In principle, you can start the game on this site, even without investing your Webmoney, after registration you will be given a bonus.
  2. Wmmail. This click sponsor is more suitable for making money, not for spending it. On this site there are several games that are held with real players, for real money. Duel, tic-tac-toe and sapper, the rules of these games are extremely simple, and you can set your own rates.
  3. . In the field of sports betting this bookmaker is the undisputed leader. Through this site you can make bets in almost any sport, football, boxing, tennis, hockey and so on. You can use various bets for the game, the winnings are honestly paid. Deception in this case is excluded, because the result of any game can be found in the news or on the Internet.

Spend Webmoney, payment services and purchase goods for Webmoney

You can spend Webmoney on anything, withdraw your money, buy goods, gamble and make sports bets, all this is interesting and exciting.

Now Webmoney electronic currency is used in almost all Russian-language systems, games, and many other projects, so choosing an option to waste money is much easier than finding the source.

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