Speak and write in Russian correctly

The path to wealth lies not only through financial barriers. Making a lot of money also helps the development of a person in general, therefore in all educational institutions there are such subjects as philosophy, psychology, history and the like.

This may seem surprising, but a huge number of people do not know how to write and speak.

This is not a literal expression, because we all can communicate, as well as write, but are we doing it right? A common example, with the word ringing, in which many put the wrong emphasis.

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has long established that it is the right way to speak, that is, the emphasis must be placed on the penultimate letter (they also ring).

Speak and write in Russian correctly

There are many controversial words, that are not correctly used by people . Someone from the school did not put the necessary knowledge, and some are confused, since it depends on the environment.

So, these rules will help to dispel numerous disputes:

  1. Blogger or blogger? Correctly write a blogger.
  2. Belarus or Belarus? Correctly say Belarus (Belarus was in the USSR).
  3. Wear or wear? You can wear a thing, and the child can only wear.
  4. Will you win or run? Both options are not correct, I will become the winner.
  5. Beets or beets? In all the dictionaries the word is spelled correctly.
  6. Contracts or agreements? Speaking contracts correctly.
  7. Sock or socks? The plural is correct socks (how many socks).
  8. Copyright or Copywriting? The first word is the sign of authorship, the second type of writing text.
  9. Flow or flow? During the river, the second meaning is within an hour (month, week).
  10. Understood - the emphasis should be put on the last letter (understood A).
  11. Theirs - there is no such word in Russian (theirs, itss, itss).
  12. Ukrainian is an adjective in which the emphasis falls on u (Ukrainsky).
  13. Cakes - the emphasis is placed on the second letter o (Photos, Photos).
  14. Catalog - put an emphasis on the letter o (katalOg).
  15. Cottage cheese - the stress can be placed on both vowels, however, it is better to say curd.
  16. Call - emphasis is placed on and (call).
  17. With money, the emphasis is placed on a (it was not until the 19th century that money was spoken).
  18. Quarter - in any sense, the emphasis should be placed on the last a (quarter).
  19. Blinds - the word French means accent on the last syllable (zhalizI).
  20. To Ukraine or to Ukraine - both options can be used, but use the preposition in.

When communicating with other people, leaving comments, or even writing texts, you will definitely need these rules.

Speak and write in Russian correctly

If you strive for wealth, develop. The best sites for self-development and the rules for writing some words will help you to improve your level of knowledge a little.

A literate person should be in everything, and how correctly he uses words is an excellent indicator of his mind. Expand your vocabulary, but do not forget that you need to know how to write and speak correctly.

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