Spam comments in Disqus. The plot around Disqus

To customize the form of comments on their sites, many webmasters use special services and plugins.

Is this good? Yes, if the system is of high quality, the comments become more convenient, better, and new functions appear in them. Although, even in large companies anomalies sometimes occur.

Spam comments appeared in many users, since the system is very popular and through it the form of commenting is added on many sites.

In general, this is a great option for setting high-quality comments, but users have to face unexplained phenomena.

Spam comments in Disqus. The plot around Disqus

The plot around Disqus

Negative reviews about this system began to appear for a long time, and in most posts people complain that blogs and sites appear spam comments that are not displayed in the statistics. However, they are published retroactively and are lost among the mass of other entries under the article.

If you enter your personal account, you cannot see them there, i.e. you cannot remove them. What remains for the webmaster? Contact technical support. It's good that Disqus has responsive support, which quickly solves a problem.

Do you use Disqus and notice spammers' comments (most often in English) published in hindsight? Contact support.

As practice shows, this problem is quickly solved. The administration of the Disqus system does not want to fall into the dirt with its face, so it quickly removes such comments and dozens of new ones take their place.

Because of what this is happening, it is difficult to say, but if you look from the outside, it seems that Disqus system itself provides someone with additional services to promote websites.

Due to the comments, you can quickly increase the reference mass , but I don’t put forward direct announcements, this is just a guess.

Spam comments in Disqus. The plot around Disqus

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Perhaps the Disqus system is not related to spam appearing on sites, but where does it come from? If you have your own versions about this, be sure to write them in the comments.

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