SOS, I need your help! - Profit Hunter

Since my blog has already gained some popularity (thanks to all my readers), there is a need to change its design. As you can see, it hangs on a template in which I did not make any changes at all, but I would like to add something.
So, the design needs to be changed, and in my case, as they say, my hands are not growing from there. I am sure that among the readers there are experts in this matter, so I appeal to you and ask for your help. The nature and size of the remuneration will be discussed in private.

This is how I present the future design of the blog:

SOS, I need your help! - Profit Hunter

You can leave the basis of the template that is hanging now. He is taken from here.

What needs to be changed:

  1. Shift the blog title to the left.
  2. In the blog header place two ad units 468x60 or one 468x120.
  3. Narrow the menu bar under the header.
  4. Spread the boundaries of the blog's body so that 15-20 pixels of empty space remain at the edges.
  5. Reduce the space between lines and the indent between paragraphs (1).
  6. Reduce the interval between the names of categories and sidebar entries (2).
  7. Split the sidebar into two parts so that you can add additional blocks like a blogroll, top commentators, etc.
  8. Screw 4 125x125 advertising blocks in the upper part of the sidebars.

Everything seems to be.

If you can do it, write to bg_trans (at) mail. ru or knock on ICQ - 403-095-992.

I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, as well as a link to the material on working with WordPress templates.

Thanks in advance.

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