Software that will change the voice online

The demand for programs that can change the voice when communicating via the Internet is in great demand.

You can download them without problems, and they come in handy not only to play with your friends. The use of them is quite wide, only free software is not as high-quality as the paid version.

How to change voice online? Special programs have been created for this, and this article presents the best of them. As a rule, several templates have already been added to them so that you can immediately change your voice. The setup is minimal, even a beginner will understand the use of such software.

Software that will change the voice online

Voice changing program

The most popular utility in this niche is called. It allows you to change your voice in Skype, ICQ, many other clients and online games.

In the main menu you will see several blocks that are responsible for different settings. On the left you can choose one of the templates (child, terminator, demon, robot, male or female), set other parameters as you see fit:

Software that will change the voice online

You can also choose from various effects, for example , you can put the mooing of cows in the background or urban noise. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language, but you can quickly figure out how and what is arranged here.

The program is paid, it costs $ 40, but is given 7 days of test mode.

This utility is much better than its counterparts, besides, the voice clearly sounds in it. Let not many templates are offered, they can be changed at your discretion. For example, make a child’s voice high or, on the contrary, set a teenager’s voice in the settings.

Software that changes online voice

There are many alternative voice changers, some of which are free. The essence of them is the same, but sometimes you have to set the settings.

Let's consider which software is better to download:

  1. - after installing the program, a slight adjustment is required. First, the sound card is selected in it, and then in different utilities (such as Skype), the sound from Scramby is set. There is no Russian language, it is also paid, but 40 templates of voices and a lot of various effects are available to choose from.
  2. is the easiest way to change the voice in a video or when communicating. Through this program, you can easily adjust the tone of voice. It is distributed free of charge, the settings in it are minimal, but there is a minus - this is a slight distortion of the sound (sometimes you can’t figure out what is at stake).
  3. - the program for computer games has been optimized, but it is also suitable for chatting or using various instant messengers. Put a male voice instead of a female voice and vice versa, choose a children's voice and so on. Pay for it is not necessary, effects are also available.

Paid utilities work much better, and if you do not want to lay out money for them, look for cracked versions on torrents and other sources. Just be careful, you can catch a Trojan program and infect the system with a virus.

Program change voice in Skype

Most often you need to change your voice online to communicate in Skype. It is not difficult to do this either, especially since a separate free program has been created for this.

It is called, and there is one very useful function in it - automatic translation of messages (both incoming and outgoing).

When communicating with foreigners, this tool helps, but the translation is not always of high quality:

Software that will change the voice online

Program management is simple, you just need to press right click on the tray icon. There are all the settings, and to make sure that the voice is changed or the background sound is superimposed, the listening function is added:

Software that will change the voice online

As you can see, all settings are in Russian, which is very convenient. The utility is integrated into Skype, so it is not necessary to additionally set some parameters. The templates are complete, you can apply an echo, choose the voice of an alien or a cartoon character.

When installing Clownfish for Skype, do not forget to select the Russian language in the settings first.

You can test voice changing programs in chat rooms without registering for free. Have fun and use software for other purposes, communication is developing on the Internet, so the demand for such utilities is only growing.

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