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A few days ago SEO Writer handed me a baton called "5 programs that I use every day." Since, as a couple with Lazy Programmer, Vladimir embraced almost all programs that I often use (perhaps they didn’t mention just my favorite FileZilla FTP client and SnagIt screen capture software), I decided to write about programs and scripts that help me make money online.

1. Keyword Elite. Excellent program for searching and analyzing keywords, analyzing PPC activities of competitors, finding niches, etc.

2. Gtrends Made Easy. The program allows for a fairly short time to analyze the competition for given keywords in Google and highlight popular phrases with relatively low competition. Read more about this program here (video number 2).

3. Social Submitter. I recently wrote a review about this program. Its main task is to automatically post sites and articles to bookmark sites, but I also often use it to parse other blogs and sites.

4. Bookmarker. I also wrote a review about this script. I use it for the same purposes as the Social Submitter, only for Russian social networks.

5. Fast Blog Finder. The best program for searching niche blogs with sorting by nofollow / dofollow, PR page / domain, date of last post, etc. I have not yet met. I recommend 🙂

Naturally, these are not all programs and scripts, but I use these more often than others.

And what programs for earning on the Internet do you use?

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