Socpublic Agent program for earning on surfing

Of the easiest ways to make money online, the most popular option is to surf sites.

Probably, there is nothing easier than getting money for visiting sites (except earning on entering a captcha) . At the same time, there are special programs that make it convenient to make money on surfing.

The Socpublic Agent program for earning on surfing is a simple but useful utility for working with the click sponsor Socpublic. It has several functions, but the most important thing is that when using it you will not miss a single available site for viewing in surfing or through letters.

Program for earning surfing

All users of the Socpublic mailer can download this software. To do this, enter your profile and go to the section " Surfing ". After that, click on the link with the program name:

Socpublic Agent program for earning on surfing

The utility is installed as standard and its logo appears on the desktop. When you start the program, it displays a simple interface and statistics. When available sites for manual visits appear, the program notifies you of this.

You open the resource in a special window and wait for the time to come out, then enter the captcha:

Socpublic Agent program for earning on surfing

Everything is easy, and if autosurf sites appear, the program opens them without your participation.

The Socpublic Agent program additionally sends alerts when new jobs appear or someone sends you a message.

Anyone can take advantage of the free utility, and letting surfing do not bring great revenue, the software will help not to miss the new sites. Even if the program brings 100 rubles in a month, it will be a good indicator, because for this you don’t have to do almost anything.

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