Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

We all register on sites, like on social networks, write some comments on blogs, and it would be nice to get paid for it.

Every user has this opportunity. No matter how old you are, how well you understand modern technologies and your amusement, you can work on the Internet.

Earnings on assignments with Socpublic, this is a great opportunity to start in the field of Internet earnings. On this site, small orders of advertisers are added, and real money is paid for their fulfillment. The point is almost like on the Wmmail and Seosprint mailboxes, but there are much more tasks.

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Easy earnings at Socpublic

Right now you can register for this project by filling out several fields:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

The simplest registration on this site will only need to confirm the entered data. Also in the settings you can immediately specify the payment details, several wallets, specify any, get paid as you like.

How to make money on Socpublic?

When registration is completed and you enter your profile, open the “Earn” menu and select any item:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Basic ways of earning 4. The most interesting are the paid jobs of Socpublic. But the other methods should also be used, they bring a small, but simple income. Now let's look at all the proposed methods separately:

  1. Earnings on viewing sites with Socpublic.

Visits, emails and surfing are almost the same thing, you’ll have to go to advertisers ’sites and wait for the timer to run out. You will not earn much on this, it is much more efficient to complete the tasks. To get money, you need to go to one of the sections and choose which site you are ready to visit:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Pay attention to the information in the blocks, somewhere you pay above, somewhere need to see the page for a certain time. In any case, all this is easy, after viewing the advertised resource, it is marked "Visited":

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

This means that money has already been credited to the balance, you can proceed to the next site. Almost the same instructions are paid for transitions to sites and in other sections of earnings.

  1. Socpublic com online earnings paid jobs.

When going to tasks, use filters to find suitable tasks:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

In the resulting list, different fixed-payment orders will be displayed:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Select any task, and you will see the details on its implementation:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

As you can see, in this example you need to register, create a coupon and send it to the advertiser. Below is a button to go to a special site. Completing a task is easier than ever, and for this money is added to your balance.

There are always a lot of tasks on the site, so they are ideal for earning to newcomers. No investment, and the requirements are usually so simple that it takes 10-15 seconds to complete the work. When you gain experience, you will be able to carry out much more orders.

Profitable Socpublic competitions

The administration of this project is ready to reward the most active participants. Constantly launched several contests with various awards. Prizes can get the most active referrals, advertisers or employees.

Statistics are constantly changing and you can follow where you are:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

The competition for the most active workers lasts only 2 weeks, and according to its results 10 users receive a cash prize.

The best way to make money from contests is to attract referrals. You will immediately participate in 2 contests, by the amount of money earned by your referrals and by the number of attracted users.

Partners receive money for inviting a large number of referrals. There is a lot of prize places, therefore prizes are not so big. For the first place, 350 rubles are also given here:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

It is difficult to win in contests, because there are too many people who want to win a prize. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to show activity, with good referrals come from referrals, on this mailer one of the most profitable affiliate programs.

Socpublic status and rating

Your status also plays an important role on the Socpublic project. The more experience, the higher the status, and this affects the referral payments, payment frequency, withdrawal automation, access to the referral exchange and the addition of free referrals:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Recruit Experience can be done in different ways - by ordering advertising, earning money or attracting referrals.It is advisable to reach the last status of the Grand Master, then 60% will come from referrals and additional opportunities will appear:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Experience points are awarded for different actions - for work, input and withdrawal of funds. You need to actively use the service to quickly raise your status.

As for payments, money can be received on Webmoney, Payeer, Perfect Money and Yandex. Money (check 1-4 days). For this profile you need to specify the numbers of their accounts.

In general, the Socpublic project is worthy of attention, and for beginners there is a real opportunity to earn money. A lot of tasks, up to 60% of referrals, regular contests and various bonuses - all these are the reasons for registering with Socpublic.

Socpublic Agent - download the

program. Do not confuse, this is not a Socpublic bot, this is the official program that can be downloaded in the Surfing section. It is intended only to get more paid site views and automatic surfing:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

The agent is installed like any other program. After its launch, you need to log in and you will see data on your balances, as well as available surfing sites. Directly through the program, you can watch the sites for money, there are much more of them and the payment is higher:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

We have already told about the Socpublic Agent program, so we will not write much about the utility. It will not be superfluous, it is convenient to follow the data, and in the automatic mode, the agent is able to visit sites and make a profit.

How much can you earn per hour at Socpublic?

A lot of different instructions are written on the click sponsor and different methods are offered. Unfortunately, most authors are cunning, talking about how they manage to collect 200-500 rubles, spending no more than 5 minutes a day. To get this money, you will have to work actively, but for the day to collect the amount is quite realistic.

To answer your question, I tried to work, exactly one hour on assignments. I have been registered on the site for a long time, I have already created a selection of the best orders. I will tell about it a little lower, let's see what we managed to achieve in 60 minutes:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

These are real numbers, in an hour I completed 52 tasks and collected a little more than 30 rubles. Of course, sometimes there are orders with good pay and simple conditions, they help to increase profits, but I did not take them into account here. Socpublic reviews suggest that several thousand rubles per month is quite realistic:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

The incomes of all performers are different, but this is because each employee has his own pace. Beginners on simple tasks puff for half an hour, while the pros cope in a couple of minutes. Experience in this matter comes in handy, and to get it, you need to work hard.

How to earn more on paid tasks of the Social Public Organization?

As I promised, I open the topic with collections of tasks. All books have a function for adding tasks to favorites. On the Social platform, too, it is, after entering the section, you need to select the filter "Reusable":

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

This will help to filter the orders and get a list of tasks that you can perform every day. After adding them to your favorites, you will be able to visit the site daily and work only on these instructions. There is no need to understand, and it’s better to add the most advantageous offers to the selection:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Finding suitable tasks usually takes a lot of time, so you can save it. Over time, you get so used to monotonous tasks that you perform them on the machine, even without reading the description. There are selected tasks on one of the tabs:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Spend time once to make a selection of paid Socpublic tasks, then the list will constantly help you. From time to time it will need to be updated by adding other orders, it is advisable to do this often, so as not to miss the best deals.

Tips and Tricks of Making Money at Socpublic

Newbies do not understand how experienced users manage to collect a lot of money from click-on sponsors. According to statistics, newbies get 70% less, i.e. while the novice gets 30 rubles, the pros collect a hundred. Using different tricks you can also increase your income:

  1. The right choice of tasks.

Each user must choose for himself the type of instructions that he likes to carry out. Someone quickly performs clique tasks, someone like cheating in social. networks. Try to do different jobs and compare the results, where there will be more total income, stop at that.

  1. Cost Estimation.

Newbies often take on the most expensive tasks, this is a mistake. They are asked to perform too many actions. It's easier to take up 10-20 simple instructions (watch a video, join a group, etc.). It will take less time, and the income will be exactly the same.

  1. Parallel execution of tasks.

In the description of instructions, they are sometimes asked to spend 5 minutes on the website, to complete an order for more than a minute, and so on. Sit and wait meaninglessly, start working on several orders at once. Add the necessary information to the report, but in the meantime you will be working on other orders, the necessary time will pass.

  1. Useful programs.

It is quicker to complete tasks when there are special utilities. Free software is desirable to download immediately, from the most effective programs stand out:

  • Roboform to automatically fill out forms during registration;
  • Ccleaner helps to quickly clear cookies files;
  • LinkReader copy Shortcuts for the report;
  • The Worker records links to sites that are visited from the selected browser;
  • Hide IP Easy is useful for quickly changing the IP address.

Saving of time and increase of convenience of work. For Socpublic, download the program and use it officially allowed. These are not bots that are banned, but simple helpers of the performer.

  1. Tasks from one advertiser.

It often happens that one customer offers many lucrative tasks. After opening the order, you can click on the link “All tasks of the advertiser” and see what other orders he has:

Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

Plus, this is a way to increase security. If the advertiser has paid you one task and he has a high rating, problems with the subsequent collaboration should not arise.

  1. How to quickly raise the rating on the Social Policy? You can find them on the "My Account" tab:

    Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

    For example, for achieving "New missions" you get 10 rating points, and to get it, you just need to complete 10 any tasks .

    The main advice to all newcomers is stability in work. You will never receive normal money from paid jobs until you begin to allocate constantly normal time to work.

    Paid tasks for Socpublic, is this the best way to earn money?

    When talking about all click-through sponsors, I share my own statistics. I used this project before its processing (earlier it was called VMpablik). I did not have a blog and a bunch of referrals. He started, like all newbies, but quickly realized that the referrals were the most profitable.

    Now I have a blog, it is quite popular, so through it I manage to attract people to different sites. You can also do this (use other ways to recruit referrals). How profitable is it? Here are my statistics:

    Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

    The most important thing is that you don’t have to work yourself. The partnership program is 3-level on the Socialpublic, and the percentage of deductions depends on the status (as described above). I constantly go to my profile only to order the payment:

    Socpublic: a complete overview of the box, earning options

    I strongly recommend that all beginners build their own referral network. In the future, this is the most profitable option. In addition, you can always sell invited members on the exchange to get a quick income.

    Video how to make money on Socpublic

    Newbies constantly ask me how to make money on SocialSpace quickly. The first thing you need to understand the system and learn how to use it. People learn differently, it may not be convenient for you to read, so I prepared a useful video on how to make money on Socpublic:

    It’s hard to learn everything quickly without a mentor, I hope the video will help you. If any questions remain, write in the comments, I constantly check them.

    The official Socpublic website is one of the best places to make money for newbies. The system is stable, payments come, only positive reviews and many different "buns". Some users believe that this site is better than Seosprint, although it also has its advantages, it is hard to compare axle boxes.

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