Social-up new social network - bring a friend and earn money

Social network users spend a lot of time using their favorite resources, but every minute that is wasted is wasted. Every day such networks as Vkontakte are filled with thousands of demotivators, photos, videos, and every user is a member of viral marketing, inviting his friends to these networks.

The creators of the social network decided to correct this situation. They have developed a social network in which you can not only entertain, communicate, share photos and videos, but also earn real money.

For each invited friend in this system you will receive $ 1, but this is not all.

Social-up new social network - bring a friend and earn money

Bring friends to a social network and earn

Social network Social-up - bring a friend and make money, this is the slogan that is accompanied by the activity of this resource. Besides the fact that you will receive $ 1 for each attracted user, the system will pay you a dollar for friends that your friends invite.

Up to level 5 you will receive a profit, the volume of which will constantly increase:

Social-up new social network - bring a friend and earn money

Payments are made not once, but every month. You can not even imagine what level of profit is waiting for you if you invite a lot of active users. An example of income is presented on the website:

Social-up new social network - bring a friend and earn money

As you can see, in these statistics one zero is added at each level, therefore, each participant who is in your network must invite 10 friends. In fact, progress can go much faster, which means that you can come to a large income faster.

This image also shows that on the fifth level you will be able to receive $ 100,000 each month, this is not a joke, but to achieve such a result, you will need to build a network of 100,000 users.

I can argue, reading this material, you had the impression that this is another scam. There is no cheating in this, and despite the distribution of cash rewards, the site administration remains in the black. The fact is that to use the site, you must pay $ 10 / month.

Given that the money will be distributed on 5 levels, the administration will spend $ 5 on bonuses to users, the second part of $ 10 remains to them.

Social-up new social network - bring a friend and earn money

Now on this site there are already users who managed to gather 1000, 300 or less friends in all circles. Thus, they make a profit according to the number of their friends and do nothing. By inviting the first 10 people, you will already ensure your lack of expenses, since it is precisely $ 10 that you have to pay every month.

While the project is developing, and far from everyone knows about it, you have a chance to attract a large number of users and create a stable source of profit.

In conclusion, I would like to say that for carrying out transactions, the most common methods are used, from bank cards to electronic money (including Webmoney). This fact confirms once again that the service is legal and the most popular services cooperate with it.

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